Why Your Firm Needs A Corporate Videographer for Video Production

Why Your Firm Needs A Corporate Videographer for Video Production

Marketing might be the ultimate goal of a corporate video production, but it tends to achieve it subtly, in a more polished way.

In today’s cutthroat business arena, only print and conventional advertisements are not enough. Modern human beings don’t have to swallow advertisement in the middle of their favorite TV series; they just either download and watch it later or stream it online.

That’s why, with conventional ads and promotional activities, corporate videos have also occupied a significant place in modern business worlds’ communication armory.

Corporate Video Production:

Corporate video production implies to any video content that doesn’t advertise for any product or service directly, rather it tells about the whole company who delivers that service or product, and/or any particular department or core functions. Usually corporate videos are published in a company’s website and they are sent to concerned parties through social media and email marketing.

Types and Usage:

A corporate video can be used in many ways, and according to their various uses, they can be differentiated in many types. A few of them are:-

  •        Staff Training/Instruction
  •        Investor Relations
  •        Financial Results/Reports/Audits Releasing
  •        Safety in Workplace
  •        Promotional
  •        Brand Awareness
  •        New Product/Service Launch
  •        Explainer Video
  •        Product Features
  •        Client and Customer Testimonial
  •        Trade Show Coverage
  •        Corporate Event Filming
  •        New Technology Demonstration
  •        Internal Communications and Boosting Employee Morale
  •        Corporate Documentary
  •        Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )
  •        Company Profile

But does your firm really need a corporate videographer?

Let’s say you did a bit of research and found out the rates and other details. Honestly, you might get tempted because you are thinking……. .well……the cost seems a bit at the high end, so how hard can it be? Why not give it a try? Aiming your fanciest smart phone around and capturing everything that is happening? You will be so very mistaken.

So, Why Does Your Firm Need a Corporate Videographer?

Let’s find out.

Portraying the Image You Want to Portray:

You are essentially portraying about your firm through a corporate video production – be it an explainer video or about safety in workplace. Your video depicts about your attitude towards everything you do – including your core business activities, your commitments to the customers, your CSR activities – the viewers will have a firsthand experience.

Now, if you are showing an ad-lib production, you give your stakeholders the same impression your video gave them.

On the other hand, a corporate videographer knows his job. And he will show exactly what you want to show about your firm.

Unobtrusive Professionalism:

Let’s say you want to capture the festivity of the annual get together of employees and their families. The best way of going about it is make it easy-going but not over-the-top smooth, enjoyable for being real but not felt like being acted by hired performers. Only a professional can get it done with the desired effect. He can get all the fun without being obvious. The host, the guests or the invitees – no one will ever feel his presence while the gist of all the actions will be captured.

And if you decide to do it yourself, no doubt you wouldn’t know a thing about staying out of the way or about not agitating the attendees. At the end, the finished product might be something that you wouldn’t want to show anyone.

Editing Simplified:

A corporate video production or any other video production for that matter is not just about filming and showing. Film editing itself is a complete project in its own right, done by professionals.  Your videographer will most certainly know how to edit raw footage and he will have the necessary software and hardware to complete the task.

Or if you want, you can outsource video editing by contracting with the videographer just to shoot and deliver the live-action raw footage.

Digital Storytelling:

A corporate video production is essentially a story, told digitally. And the story is about your firm earning its salt, and the capital that it is built on is your sweat and the end product is that your son goes to college. It might seem to stretch a bit, to convey everything within a very short time; it actually has to be done just like that, like a story being told.

A corporate videographer will know how to do it. On the basis of your source materials or ideology of your firm, he will be able to structure it coherently, and your story will be told.

Making Your Local Brand Global:

I know, you dream that your product will be a proprietary eponym. But achieving the apex of brand awareness is, by no means, an easy feat.  And businesses spend millions creating a brand.

Unfortunately, corporate video production has not yet been recognized as a premium tool to create a brand. In the present virtual world, corporate videos can outperform printed text and conventional TV ads by quite a margin. It is already an established fact that in SERPs ( Search Engine Results Pages) , videos that are efficiently tagged, get higher visits.

And a videographer making a corporate video, can tick all the right boxes for creating a brand, and all at the same time, cost only a fraction of what is usually  spent on other means of marketing tools.

Get Your Message Across – To Those It Matters Most:

To me, this is more than enough of a reason to hire a videographer, for my company (as if there were one!). Oftentimes marketing tools just beat around the bush and the customers who matter most, will never get reached. A corporate videographer, with his experience and your business acumen, can devise a plan to get to the people who will contribute most to your future revenue stream.

Leading the Customers – Towards Your Company:

An experienced videographer can implicitly lead the customers towards your products or services by showing them how your firm fulfills CSR, follows Green-Earth policies, keeps working environments safe, provides equal opportunities irrespective of gender, color or creed. All of these create sales leads and result in higher sales conversion rates.

You Get What you Want, When You Want:

A professional videographer knows what you want, because he understands concepts and has the technical prowess to convert your idea into reality.

He can also deliver the finished product in time, because he knows the importance of  proper timing for the implementation of  a composite plan.

And he has other commitments too, which he has to finish and deliver in time as well, just to be in the trade.

I hope above reasons can shed a light on why your firm need a corporate videographer for video production.

Just before wrapping things up, I want you to remember to ask the following questions to whoever you are going to hire –

  •        Does the guy understand what exactly do you want?
  •        Can he translate your abstract thoughts into an actual script?
  •        Does he share your vision?
  •        Does he feel committed to your cause?
  •        Does he understand how your firm operates?
  •        Can he communicate without creating confusion?
  •        Can he provide references?
  •        How long has he been in this trade?
  •        Can you watch and review his other projects?
  •        Will he discuss minutes of the project openly?
  •        Can he deliver in time?
  •        Will he be able to finish the project within the allocated budget?
  •        How is he going to promote the video? What type of distribution plan he will make and what channels will he be using?
  •        How does he make sure that the right customers get approached?
  •        Will be able to provide a transparent and itemized invoice so that you will know what you are getting for your money?
  •        Is his pricing fair?
  •        Will it be likely that you are going to call the guy next time around?

 I hope I covered all the basics for you. Now it’s your turn, go make your firm a force to reckon with.

And be back here for more.