How To Win More Sales Without Consuming All Of Your Energy

Among the toughest responsibilities for any entrepreneur is how to win more sales without consuming most of his/her energy. Well, to fully achieve this goal, proper management and key roles must be delegated efficiently down the pipeline of your organization. Remember, no matter how attractive your product package or excellent your service offer, if you don’t know how to sell effectively, you won’t be able to meet your desired sales target. You need to turn every one time client into a repeat client who is always willing to try your offers or even tag along a bunch of his/her friends to do the same.
So, how to win more sales is just a matter of knowing different selling techniques and putting all those actions into your selling system.
Give the following tips a try, apply them on your business and you’ll see growth in your sales forecast.
Create a detailed selling plan
Any mission will not succeed if there is no concrete plan guides through every move you make. Creating a master plan of your selling activities should be your no. 1 priority if you want to see promising results on your selling progress. A selling plan should be a written set of procedures stating precisely what would be your individual responsibilities in order to push more sales with your target clients.
Know exactly what you have to offer
This is another step that you need to focus before going into full blast in the market you wish to conquer. Know exactly what your particular product or service could offer the audience. Highlight your strengths and make sure everyone see that instantly among other competitors.
Determine your marketing budget
One of the secrets of hitting more sales is your advertising campaign. Determine your budget for this activity. Ask yourself how much are you willing to spend to promote your business? Do market research and evaluate how you can earn more profit or get positive responses through the marketing effort you want to undertake.
Make a killer ad placement
Most of the times, the success of a selling campaign relies entirely on your ad placements. If you are not good in creating killer ads, find a credible ad agency to do this job for you. Scout the best deals, either online or offsite. If you have an online business, try posting your ads or products at Craigslist, Ebay and other online business directories who have huge followers, so that you have greater chances of your ads being viewed.
Link your ads to social sites
Maximize the marketing benefits of your ads. After posting your ads at Craigslist or Ebay, link them to social networking sites that you are an active member like Facebook or Twitter for wider coverage. In today’s digital age, you need to exist where people connect most of the time and that is on the web.
Find great venues to connect with your chosen niche
The selling part doesn’t actually mean you need to stay the whole day at your store or be glued in front of your PC or laptop to check if someone visited your online shop. You need to go out physically once in a while and find venues where your potential clients meet. Join tradeshows or go to markets and other business gatherings where huge percentage of crowd goers is guaranteed.
Be confident
If you are in a big crowd, be confident about yourself and what you have to offer. Make that first move to initiate a conversation and when you see that opportunity, talk about yourself, your business and how your products or services could provide solutions to their needs or pains. Keep their level of interest high to encourage a direct call to action once you made an offer.
Don’t pressure your potential client
This should be observed seriously if you want to win more sales in the end. Avoid putting to much pressure on the client, either by asking him/her to quickly make that purchase or sign that order form because this action might irritate the client. Remember, some individuals like to think first before making a decision. Forcing them to make that action or commit to your offer might pose a negative response. Don’t be too pushy just to close a deal.
Take charge of your selling actions. Educate your staff members or sales team how to become top sellers. Make them realize that sometimes your client’s first meeting will not produce the sale you are looking for. There are cases when a sale could occur in the initial offer, but for more complex selling activities, a sale could happen after a series of follow-up calls or meetings with the prospect.
In every business, acquiring selling skills and good sales talk could be your best weapons to win more sales. A top performing sales person doesn’t accept defeat, but consider every opportunity as a win-win scenario and no time should be wasted.
About the author: Ohad Oren is a serial entrepreneur and a Co-Founder at ONDiGO – can be reached at ohad at ONDiGO is an automated mobile CRM for small business owners. ONDiGO automatically manages your customers and personal contacts, (like the secretary you never had) and allows you to focus on what you do best! Find ONDiGO on Facebook and Twitter.

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