How to Grow Roses without using Pesticides

How to Grow world beautiful Rose flower

Roses are one of the most adored of flowers, but people are normally put off by the amount of maintenance required. It is commonly believed that roses are difficult to grow, unless you regularly use a lot of pesticides. Here at Plants and Trees Onlineour experts believe in something different, if a rose plant is carefully chosen and maintained, growing it can actually be lots of fun and very rewarding, even without the use of pesticides!

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Want to grow roses without using synthetic chemicals or pesticides? Keep reading how to grow roses:


Choose the Right Rose

The first and most critical step is to choose the right rose plant for your garden according to your region. Choose the varieties that are adaptable to the region and look for disease resistant varieties like ‘Bonica’ or the ‘Livin’ Easy’. Doing this will decrease the likeliness that you need pesticides in the first place.


There are some characteristics which indicate how prone a rose might be to attack by insects and pests. For example, light-coloured roses (whites, yellows, and pinks) are most attractive to pests. The petals are tightly packed, therefore providing an easy hiding place for pests. Sets Modern roses (such as hybrids teas) are also a pests’ first choice, herb, species, and old-fashioned roses have more open flowers and branching habits, making it easier to spot and control pests.


Location of Plant

Rose plants usually require sunlight, about 6 hours a day. Therefore the location should provide good air and sunlight in the morning so that the leaves can be dried off early in the day which will help in minimizing the risk of diseases.


Prepare The Soil before planting

Once you have decided on the Rose plant, it is time to look at the soil and prepare it for planting the rose. Before you plant it, it is wise to get the soil tested, which is very easily and cheaply done. Once the test is done, you know what kind of soil you have and what should be added to make it more fertile as per the recommendations of the test. Remember healthy soil grows a healthy plant which will have fewer problems and diseases.

Rose care

  • To help roses establish a sturdy root system, moisten the soil to a depth of 18 inches every week during the growing season. When rainfall is inadequate, soak the soil by hand with a garden hose, or put the roses on a soaker hose or drip irrigation system set on a timer. Rain water is preferred over tap water for watering the rose plants, as rainwater has more natural minerals that helps in developing the immunity in the plants.
  • Fertilize when new growth first starts in spring and again in mid season with a natural formulation that feeds the soil as well as the plant. Interestingly, the most common and easiest home fertilizers can be produced with Coffee Grounds and White Vinegar, Egg Shells and Epsom Salts, Fish Tank Water and Banana Peels!
  • Use a method called companion planting and grow African or French Marigold plants near the rose plants to repel most of the mosquitos and flies.


So by following these simple steps, you can grow very healthy rose plants and enjoy their colors and fragrance. Why not start by looking for beautiful rose plants for your garden now!



Author’s Bio: This article is written by Anurag Agarwal who is an enthusiastic blogger and a professional content writer at Plants and Trees Online, an upcoming plant retail site.

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