Different Storage & Closets systems widely classified Closet Planning

Different Storage & Closets systems widely classified Closet Planning
The different kinds of closet systems
A closet is a very useful item in today’s homes where space is a huge constraint.
In the confined spaces that we live today, it is important that we optimize the space utilization as much as possible. Common people cannot afford the luxury of a bungalow or a duplex.
The small apartment or the small home we own is like the world to us. If you just decorate your home well and utilize the space that you have intelligently, your home can look even better than a large duplex. While decoration depends of individual choices, for effective space utilization, there is no other way than to go for closets.
Closets systemsClosets have hence become an integral part of any home of any common person. Only shelves cannot solve the problem of space, not anymore. By getting closety you would not only have the utility of shelves but can also use it for storing and keeping other things as well.
for example, well made closety systems can hold books, clothes, shoes, CDs as well as other necessary items along with serving the purpose of a television stand. All you have to do is get such a closet made or buy one such closet readymade from a reputed shop and find a place where it fits perfectly, without spoiling the overall décor of your home.
There are three kinds of closets, if widely classified, they are:
  • The walk-in closets – The first kind of closets are for celebrities or for people who have large and spacious homes i.e. who do not have any space constraint. Walk-in closets are like separate rooms that are used as a closet to hold clothes, shoes, bags and other such items. In general, common people cannot afford the luxury of a walk-in closet.


  • The built in closets – it is a very common choice for people who earlier used shelves but due to space constraint or for giving a makeover to their homes would like to get a closet. Shutters or doors along with frames are made over the shelves and are turned into closets. New homes too get such built in closets if there is no space to accommodate a new closet. A built in closet utilizes a gap in the walls to make for storage space.


  • The readymade closets – this is the most common kind of closet since it is the easiest to get. All you need to do is find a good and reputed store near your locality and buy a design that suits your needs, budget as well as the existing décor of your room. If you cannot find one you can also get it made by providing the design or by discussing the design with the designers of the store. Most closet manufacturing and selling stores have their own designers to help their customers in customizing closets as per their needs.
Hence if you have a small home, do not fret for space. Think a little, plan and you can utilize your space such that it not only is useful but also looks good in the process. 

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