Why do We Constantly Struggle With Each Other, And How to Interrupt This Series of Unnecessary Battles

Why do We Constantly Struggle With Each Other, And How to Interrupt This Series of Unnecessary Battles


Why do people fight with each other throughout the entire existence of mankind? Starting with wars and ending with interpersonal conflicts, people are constantly fighting to protect their interests, beliefs or territory. In the minds of most formed a certain pattern: if something goes not according to my plan, then the conflict and aggression will help to solve this problem.

How to Interrupt This Series of Unnecessary Battles

In 2005, there was an interesting case: George Bush invited the singer Bono, who severely criticized his actions as the president of the United States, to the White House. Instead of fighting, they met, and eventually, their alliance created a foundation that helps AIDS patients in Africa. Conflicts, disputes, quarrels lead to the fact that people can not live in harmony with each other, and, as is known, the evil generates a greater evil.

It is necessary to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully, and for this there are several mediative ways, using which you can get out of most conflict situations in later life.


Public opinion can make you think narrowly


Because of propaganda, we can hate entire nations, but all because our consciousness is deftly manipulated. A prejudiced attitude towards people can spoil your whole life, and you will remain a slave of stereotypes until the end of your days. Imagine a situation: new neighbors settled on your street, and you did not like them at first sight – let’s say because of your racial prejudice. Any oversight on their part will be regarded as an act of aggression and immediately provoke conflict. Just go to the contact and meet people, communicate without your prejudices. There is a high probability that your template will be destroyed once and for all, and this will free you from stereotypical thinking. Hospitality makes people show their best sides, kindness, and respect.


Be curious


If you can not understand the motives of a person, his views and conclusions, then ask why he behaves in this way, and then draw conclusions. Usually, everything is the other way around: we meet dissenters, argue, then we enter into conflict, without even trying to look at the question from the point of view of our interlocutor. Practice the ability to listen, ask the right questions, always take into account that you can be mistaken in your judgments.


Each of us should look at the question from several positions. This approach sometimes opens your eyes to real heroes and denounces the villains. Talk to the person, find out about his life priorities and then draw conclusions. Knowing the human essence, the human nature will allow you to become a fine diplomat who will be able to resolve any conflict and come out as a winner even from the most critical situation.


Look for something that unites you


Unfortunately, people are used to looking for the difference between each of us – the one that is different from the other. We are not inclined to seek out what can unite us, help us find a common language: for example, interests, hobbies, favorite sports team, literature – yes there can be lots of examples! Even in a matter where there are disagreements between the two sides, there may be common interests, which in the future will become a platform for compromise. Human principles become impregnable gates, which do not allow to reach a common solution. For the same reason, no one offers a truce. Try to find a common language with people, mutual interests. Do not look for differences, because, to be honest, most of us are very different.


If you want to reach your goal of communicating with people (especially with beautiful Russian brides), follow all the rules from above!