WV Transporter

WV Transporter

Volkswagen has put forth an electric delivery van concept out of their German car-making minds, claiming it to be the mere future of the commercial vehicles. This e-Co-Motion, as a concept it is known to be scheduled for a world-first reveal at the Geneva motor show, a conventionally engineered Transporter van, named the Volkswagen Transporter or WV Transporter.

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Volkswagen has illustrated the concept transporter as a zero-emission delivery van, which will pick up the goods from the cargo trains or hybrid-powered, heavy-capacity trucks at stations within a city’s limits, and transport them to their particular destinations. It has been predicted that the travel routes of the e-Co-Motion and its fixed depots would make the battery charging process and the equipment maintenance of the Volkswagen Transporter simpler. With the new technologies employed this van could easily take over the market because of its efficiency. It is reportedly preferred according to local researches and the people love the idea.

More and more we are embracing the new concept of living in peace with nature and still expanding our commercial and technological boundaries. It is important to say that Volkswagen are investing directly in this niche, because of results and expectancies of lower carbon dioxide emissions. It is this that drives the automobile market towards its more effective future. The new WV Transporter is assumed to take the place of its predecessor easily, fitting more into the new wave of green social expectations.

Placed upon a new platform, the e-Co-Motion consists of an electric motor, battery pack and transmission concealed below the floor of the vehicle. It provides the Volkswagen or WV Transporter with easy packaging facilities and creates a dedicated cargo space for easy loading of the goods and items for transportation. This generates perfect conditions for maximum space utilization for the customer to store anything from a cargo box to a passenger shuttle or even a refrigerator.

However, the only limitation that the Transporter vehicle has to face is the crushed up cargo space available for storage which ranges from 5.8 cubic meters to a modest 4.6 cubic meters, which makes it difficult to house any bulky items that need to be transported from one place to another.

The German manufacturer had previously given a thought to where the future of delivery vans was heading. That is why they unveiled the Volkswagen or WV Transporter concept in this year that was a bit more than just an electrified Transporter van that used an electric motor fitted inside each wheel. It featured a special system that would automatically follow the drivers as they walked along a certain delivery route, or even return to the driver when commanded.

These Transporters possess the qualities of providing more power to the drivers for an affordable cost. Additional features include decreased consumption of fuel, eco-friendly engines and an increase in the safety features like standard stability control and in-built head and thorax airbags.

The Volkswagen Transporter van is a volume seller with added luxury. There is a version with a wheelbase of 3,000 millimeters and 3,400 millimeters. There are 3 different roof heights, five combinations of gearbox systems and engines, etc,

In all models, each of the body panels in the front has been redesigned, giving the Transporter a Golf/Polo-like face. You will find features like a new dashboard design, air con control system and fabrics which are trimmed and colorful, to give the WV Transporter series a more modern look.

I hope that this article has geared you up enough to give a test drive to this vehicle! Do share your “Transporter” experiences with us in the comment box below.

Author bio: Bernard Berry is a car mechanic with 30 years of experience in the car maintenance. He is also a writer for different car affiliated websites such as the danish Volkswagen cars. Many of his articles are dedicated to the financial value of keeping an old car running and the benefits of buying a new car.


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