Top 10 Tourist Attractions Of Sri Lanka

Have you been to Sri Lanka? This is a one top destination you can’t afford to miss out in your tour diary. Well-known for its sunshine, sandy beaches, tropical weather, elephants, prehistoric ruins, tea, wildlife and cricket. Although the country is small in geographical size, the same has a lot to offer for tourists, regardless of the period that they take their vacation. In the recent past, a good number of international tourists have ranked Sri Lanka as one of the best tourist destinations to visit. However, every tourist who is keen on exploring the beauty of the country should ensure that they make a list of places that will offer them great fun.

Tourist Attractions Of Sri Lanka

No matter how much time one has to spend in Sri Lanka, there are a number of places that tourists should not fail to visit. These places and experiences are likely to stand out for any international tourist. The tourist attractions in Sri Lanka shows the diversity of the people, religious, rituals and the region. Sri Lanka has numerous religions of various faiths and is regarded as one of the diverse countries in the world when it comes to religion.  Welcome to Sri Lanka’s top ten tourist attraction destinations you shouldn’t miss out:


  1. Anuradhapura

One of the ancient capitals in Sri Lanka, famous for its well-maintained relics belonging to olden Lankan societies. The olden city, is a blessing to Buddhist, and it’s currently bounded by monasteries filling an area of over 40 km2. Anuradhapura is also substantial to Hindu tale as the legendary capital to King Ravana of Asura in the Ramayana.

  1. Arugambay Bay

Situated on the Indian Ocean in the scorched region, southeast of Sri Lanka’s beach, Arugam Bay is lies 320 km east of Colombo. It is a popular tourist and surfing destination due to its attraction among low modest tourists, although the zone has achieved a sluggish revival.

  1. Bentota

It’s recognised for its golden seashores, Bentota is found on the southern coastline of the Galle District at the South Province. Its name originates from a mythical story dating way back to kings era that talked of a demon by the name Bem who governed this river. Bentota has a handful of world-class hotels and restaurants without forgetting this destination is famed for its production in Toddy (An alcoholic beverage that comes from coconut nectar).

  1. Beruwela

A little resort city found in south west coastline belt of Sri Lanka. Its name is derived from Sinhalese term Beruwela (a place where the sail is minor). It marks the place for the first Muslim achievement on the island, documented by Arab merchants in the area on the 8th century AD.

  1. Bundala National Park

Located about 15km east of Hambantota, this National Park is amongst Sri Lanka’s foremost spots for bird lovers. The park is a home to big inhabitants of elephants, estuarine crocodiles and marshland, turtles and other fauna. It stretches laterally to the coastline eastward of Hambantota, well this Park is classic for instantaneous satisfaction.

  1. Colombo

This name was first presented by Portuguese back in 1505, believed to have originated form the Sinhalese term Kolon thota, denotating “the port on Kelani River”. Due to its large port and its strategic residence lateral to the East-West ocean trade ways, Colombo was recognised to ancient merchants 2,000 years past. Colombo was selected as the profitable capital of Sri Lanka.

  1. Dambulla

It’s a major fascination of the metropolitan, it comprises the greatest preserved cave temple multifaceted of Sri Lanka and renowned for being constructed in 167 days only Ibbankatuwa primitive burial spot nearby Dambulla cave shrine complex is the latest archaeological site of historical reputation establish in Dambulla, situated within 3 km of the cave shrines.

  1. Sandy beaches and Coral reefs of Hikkaduwa

A town located on Sri Lanka’s southern coast region, approximately 20 km, north-west of Galle. It is renowned for its corals and beach. It is primarily a tourist terminus, and serves as an amazing beach with preferences to snorkel, surf, and relish the sunshine.

  1. Kalpitiya

Notwithstanding its natural desirability, the western projection zone of Kalpitiya is an amazing attractions. Relaxing boat rides up and about the lagoon & canoe voyages down the waterway are is a gorgeous way of sightseeing the shoreline

  1. The worlds 8th wonder (Sigiriya)

The Lion’s rock of sigiriya is an ancient rock and castle ruin situated in the significant Matale of Sri Lanka’s District, surrounded by the remnants of an extensive network of reservoirs, gardens and other constructions.

Whether you are a budget traveler or just a viewer, make sure that you visit some of these best places in Sri Lanka during your visit. Foreign nationals planning to visit Sri Lanka should get a valid Sri Lanka ETA visa before travelling to Sri Lanka and any of these must visit places.


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