How To Get The Most Of Your Children-Themed Adult Party

So what should you do when your 21st birthday is knocking at the door and you want to throw a party that stands apart from what you have been doing till date? What about arranging something in a style of kid’s birthday party- without making it “childish”? Your adult party in kids’ way can be pretty fun, provided you have some great ideas, games and the like up your sleeve.

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

Themed Adult Party

You know that entertainment is the key word to any party is entertainment. To make sure that your pals never feel a moment of boredom in your party, think of arranging some childhood party games, in a bit adult way, of course. For example, what about playing passing the parcel, but instead of stuffing candies inside, what about getting some jelly shots, or write different dares and slip them inside? Again, musical bumps are a great way to spend time, but instead of sitting on the floor, try sitting on each other’s laps? Even dance competitions and karaoke are great, where the silliest song or dance will be hailed as winners. Or plain and simple, go for blind man’s bluff, with no twists added. Do some net searching and you are sure to come up with many fabulous ideas!

ou can do everything in the comfort of your own home. At home, you don’t have to worry about the time limit and you can do pretty much whatever you want. However, you will have to clean, cook and entertain the guests, so be prepared to be exhausted! Parks are great for kids birthday parties as well, but you need to keep the weather in mind. Another option is to rent an in-door venue. Some places will only provide space while you have to bring your own food and entertainment. But you won’t have to worry about cleaning before and after. Some kids birthday party venues are all-inclusive meaning they will provide space, food and entertainment.

Bounce On A Castle

Do you want to arrange for some surprises that will make all go “OMG I loved doing them as a kid”? Then you can start by hiring a bouncy castle from a reliable Kent Bouncy Castle Hire Company. But make sure that you hire adult bouncy castles only. It is true that having one of these at your child’s birthday party can make it 10 times as fun. The novelty of bouncy castles never wears out her kids, and sometimes even adults like to join in the fun. This is a great way to make a child’s party unique and have the memory of it stay with them for the rest of their lives. Choose from myriad motifs that they offer. Plus, if the company permits, then you can also think of using a foam machine, creating ‘snowfalls’ as your guests bounce their way to glory. Arrange for some bouncy castle games, as well. Side by side the castle; you can create a “Wall of Shame” where you can keep your childhood/ old photographs, as well as that of your old friends, particularly if they are joining them on your day. This is indeed a great idea if you can track some old photographs of yours.

Think Of Fun Snacks

There are bouncy castle hire providers who offer popcorn machines and ice-cream carts for a reasonable extra charge. So what about hiring a popcorn machine? Keep it in your backyard and ask someone to toss gourmet popcorn, as your friends’ request. Choose from a wide variety of seasonings, such as Asian, pesto, southwest and others. There can also be a sweet candy store where you can store childhood hot favourites, such as those munchy pink wafers and crab cakes. See how you and your friends walk down the memory lane and wish if you could turn back time…

About The Main Course

There are a lot of great recipes available for theme birthday cakes, or you can easily pick up a frosted cake then add “edible cake toppers” for your theme. You might have tried a wide variety of delicacies in your party, from Asian, New Orleans style, Italiano, Steak house and the like in your previous parties. Now that you are arranging a childhood-themed Adult party, make sure that the menu you choose contains the ‘flavour’ of it, as well. Keep it simple with tomato soup with grilled cheese, grilled chicken legs with sauce, mac and cheese with traditional combination, tomatoes and lobster, shrimp bowls with various dips, nuts, fruits, platters of crudettes with bread roll, and the like. Even your guests with superb pallets could not but appreciate your organizational capability.

You can see that there are different ways to make your childhood-themed Adult party a grand success, without spending those extra Pounds. Of course, you’ll need to make planning well in advance. Wish you every success.


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