5 Ideas for Food and Drink Gifts for Father s day gift guide

Father s day gift guide With Father’s Day rapidly approaching once more, now is the time to start thinking of gift ideas. Often, the most popular form of gifts for men include food or drink in some capacity, so here are five great ideas for food and drink based gifts for your father this Sunday.

It may be a clichhd old adage but the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is his stomach” does have a ring of truth to it. Whether it is for a birthday or Christmas, most men are very happy with gifts that take the form of food or drink in one way or another, from a meal out with the family to luxury wine hampers. If you are still uncertain what to buy this Father’s Day, take a look at these ideas.

A Meal at a Restaurant
There’s nothing quite like a slap-up meal at a restaurant to bring a family together. This Father’s Day why not treat your dad to a meal out with family and friends? Of course, as Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch at a carvery or a cosy country pub.

A Hamper of Wine
If your father is a wine connoisseur, then a wine hamper would make for a luxurious and much appreciated gift. Today, wine hampers can be purchased in a variety of sizes to suit most budgets. If your budget is limited you could go for a two bottle hamper. Alternatively, at the other end of the scale, there are much larger hampers with up to nine bottles included.

Real Ales
Over the last few years, real ales have become incredibly popular with most pubs now stocking a selection and both supermarkets and online retailers offering ales to drink at home. The range of different ales now available is really quite staggering. You can buy ready-stocked ale hampers or even make up your own hamper filled with your father’s favourite ales.

Beer Making Kits
The proliferation of real ales available today has led to a bit of a comeback for home brewing kits. Hugely popular back in the seventies and eighties, the art of making your own beer declined in popularity for a while but is now very much back in vogue. As with the commercially brewed real ales, there is now a wide selection of beer kits available.

Cheese Hampers
For most households, when the cheese selection is put onto the table at Christmas time, it is nearly always the father who is first in line to sample the various varieties. This makes a luxury cheese hamper a perfect gift idea for Father’s Day. Most cheese hampers also come with an accompaniment included, such as a fine bottle of port or a wine selection.

Show your dad you care this Father’s Day with a food and drink based gift. Whether it’s a simple box of shortbread biscuits or one of many luxury wine hampers, your gift is sure to be much appreciated.

AUTHOR BIO: Joana Hall has worked in the retail industry for many years and has written extensively on the subject for a wide variety of shopping and gift websites. For the best, most beautiful wine hampers, he recommends shopping online.

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