Most talked about restaurants in London that couples like

Best Restaurants in London that couples like

Couples would like to visit restaurants that provide supportive ambience in their romantic endeavours.  Although there are too many variables that constitute the idea of what is romantic, having candles on the tables and the privacy of booths and cosy alcoves are the minimum that couples expect in a romantic restaurant setting.  Indeed, there is much more romance stimulating elements like stunning views, open fires and decadent surroundings that enhance the romantic appeal of places. However, expecting all of these at one place would be too much for the asking. Instead, expecting the place to host couples with enough scope of getting intimate is perhaps an easier way to set the standard for the best restaurants in London for couples. Read on to know about the most talked about restaurants that promise couples of having a perfect time.

Galvin La Chapelle

The restaurant has been in top gear from the very first year of its inception by earning eight awards for the top restaurant.   Named AA London Restaurant of the year together with a similar award from Tatler Magazine in its first year, Galvin La Chapelle is a pure delight for couples who enjoy modern French cuisines.  The restaurant building was earlier a chapel with high ceiling and beautiful architecture that makes it a perfect place for creating the romantic setting that couples love. The vastness of the vertical space, looming arches and the curved ceiling make the place look splendid.

best restaurants in London for couples

London Shell Co

The setting by the river is undoubtedly quite romantic but how would you feel to get an opportunity to embark on a scenic boat ride while dining with your loved one? Does it not sound most romantic? This is exactly what you get when you take your sweetheart for a date at the restaurant London Shell Co, the barge based restaurant. The menu is simple and the wine list short but exciting. The menu keeps changing often, and it is hard to dislike the food that fully justifies the price you pay. Do not make the mistake of giving the award-winning oysters and wine a miss.

Clos Maggiore

It is not at all surprising that every week some marriage proposals get through at Clos Maggiore, the restaurant that time and again earned the reputation of one of the most attractive places for romantic couples. Sitting under the starlit night sky beneath a glass roof, couples enjoy the tantalising high-end French cuisines while cosying up in front of the open fire. What more could anybody ask for than treating your loved one at the most romantic restaurants in the world?

Boundary Rooftop

The rooftop restaurant is strategically located to overlook Shoreditch and the city, and it is one of the most favourite places for couples on a romantic date. The restaurant interior maintains optimum temperature so that it nullifies the effects of outside weather. Oysters with fruit de mer are the chart topper in the menu that also has its share of grilled fish and meat with options of sharing plates in the tapas style.


Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Eatery Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea is the leader eatery of the chain of eateries in London established by that the eminent Chef Gordon Ramsay. This is the place to appreciate a definitive eating background, as the expert group at the eatery conveys to the table an abundance of information and skill in fine eating from over the world. For tasting dazzling French food arranged from occasional fixings cooked with an ideal mix of conventional and present day culinary systems, this eatery is essentially one of its sorts. When you are there, you will acknowledge what amount defended it is to grant three Michelin stars to this eatery.

The Ritz Restaurant

On the off chance that you want to taste the finest British-French cooking in the most stupendous setting, at that point The Ritz eatery is the place to be. The ornate styled eatery with immense floor to roof windows, towering marble sections and shimmering light fixtures, make a great vibe whose polish is difficult to coordinate. It is here that you discover a standout amongst the most lovely lounge areas on the planet. The eatery utilizes just the best deliver of the land for its menu, and the food holds the regular flavors, fragrance and taste of the fixings.

Trinity Restaurant

This multi faceted eatery in Clapham Old Town wears many caps as it meets the desires of a wide assortment of visitors. From those searching for sentimental eateries to the individuals who lean toward stylish diners, everybody discovers this place as though simply made for them. The nourishment is regular, helpful and of extraordinary taste, that gives the most vital gastronomic experience.

Egg Break, 30 Uxbridge Street, W8 7TA

This Notting Hill newcomer serves easygoing breakfast, lunch and supper. It shakes an egg-cellent menu. From burned eggs and poached eggs, to egg Florentine and disintegrated egg bun, the Egg Break has taken egg-production shrewd to another level in the area of single-dish eateries.

Balls and Company, 58 Greek Street, W1D 3DY

Balls and Company is known for its gourmet meatballs. This Soho eatery makes the fanciest and most delightful meatballs conceivable ever. They are imbued with quinoa, beetroot and feta. We were dead honest to goodness when we said these meatballs are a rich issue! The eatery has a storm cellar mixed drink bar and a diminished snacks menu with a gathering of balls to examine.

The Potato Project, 27 Noel Street, W1F 8GZ

This eatery considers potato basic. About as absurd as the French. This sensible vegetable gets a legitimate refresh and makeover at the new Soho fine eating objective. The gourmet kitchen serves everything from coat potatoes to for the term of the day breakfast platters with cooked artichoke, smoked ham offer, cheddar and piccalilli. Attempt their sweet potato cheesecake and granola piece to complete your eat up a sweet note.


Huge supervisor, 48 Frith Street, W1D 4SF

Huge manager just uses the freshest pass on from near to ranches to make it; you hit the nail on the head, franks. Individuals basically love this additional substance free, solid wiener. They are basic, fun and super gooey! You can also wear the gourmet ace’s best and begin constructing your wiener sans course of action. Superstar has made a gourmet wiener encounter conceivable in the focal point of the city.

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