Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Love Hearts

The name Love Hearts exudes a feeling of warmth and love even from the moment one may utter them. Now imagine, the beautiful creations that are subtly colored melt in your mouth with a unique taste. Yes, these are Love Hearts – a delectable range of confectioneries that is a celebration of the feeling of true love.  And to make matters  sweeter there is a beautiful message of love imprinted on each piece too.
About Love Hearts
In The Beginning…

Love Hearts can be yours in a packet. Manufactured by the brand of SwizzelsMatlow Ltd. there  is a sweet surprise ready for you with each piece. The two companies of Swizels Ltd. and Matlow Brothers started its joint operations in the year 1975 following a buyout of the latter in 1967.

The factory is located in New Mills where they shifted base in 1940 and continues to be a pleasant experience even for passersby – walkers and bikers alike. The aroma of the delectable confectionery is said to be a natural delight for those breathing the surrounding air.

The idea of Love Hearts was conceptualized in the year 1954 by the joint efforts of Alfred Matlow and David Dee – both directors in the company. Besides the uniqueness of its taste the other feature that had come up in this creation is the messages of love embossed on each piece. Sounded as sweet and delicious as the confectionery itself, especially for those in love. In the same year during Christmas, Love Hearts was sold with crackers in hand painted packets. They were naturally appreciated and sold off popularly among all. As part of marketing these newly created confectionery the company had sold packets attached to popular comics of the times like Dandy and Beano.

Variations in the designs of Love Hearts were available in the years of 1970s, also known for the popular Hippie trends across the world. These were created as Hippie Bits where the love quotes were replaced with flower power messages.

The popularity and sales of Love Hearts saw a consistent rise in the years of the 1980s. These were sold across several countries of the world and became increasingly popular both by taste and by the expression of love through the embossed messages on each piece.

In  the 90s,, soon after a visit to the Love Hearts factory by Princess Diana, the company had created a limited edition product to celebrate the occasion. In this the Love Hearts carried messages like individual names like ‘Princess of Wales’ and ‘Prince William’ ‘Prince Harry’ and so on.
Love Hearts
With times and over the years of its operations the company has given new look and newer messages to Love Hearts periodically. And every time they have only been more interesting, funny but always full of love. There have never been any compromises on the quality of the product – the colors are all naturally sourced and made with proprietary company recipes. The taste has only been appreciated more the world over which says volumes already. But the one thing about Love Hearts that continues to mesmerise people of all age groups is the messages on them – still bubbling with love all over.


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