10 Most Effective ways to Lose belly fat

10 Most Effective ways to Lose belly fat

Top Effective ways to lose belly fat

Obesity and belly fat is associated with different health issues and diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, Blood pressure issues, diabetes are some of the high fate borne diseases.  The deepest layer of the belly fat is called visceral fat. Excess visceral fat leads to production of hormones and chemical substances, which have harmful effects on health. There is no secret way to lose excess body fat. When it comes to maintaining a healthy and well figured body, there are few universal check points to follow in order to gain the desired body type. Body fitness experts jot down these to following components:

  • Balanced diet
  • Consistent workouts
  • Proper restorative sleep

It might be simpler if we would not be living in the time of constant rushing and bustling life.  While its hard to spot reduce fat. If you are also the victim of the excessive belly fat then you do not need to worry about it anymore. Expensive and painful treatments for removing body weight do not worth of your attention when you have convenient substitutes available. While there are no magic bullets that can reduce belly fat in on go, however, we have brought the list of 10 effective ways to lose belly fat.

  1. Incorporate more fiber in your diet

Most Effective ways to Lose belly fat

Fibrous foods are rich in proteins also their mechanism of digestion make you feel fulfilled and thus you eat less and do not munch upon extra calories. According to a research on around 1100 individuals, 10gm increase in intake of soluble fibre, will help you to lose belly fat by 3.7%.

  1. Stop eating sugary foods


Studies have shown the direct proportionality between high sugar intake and high abdominal fat. Its because sugar is a rich source of fructose, which is responsible for various harmful diseases when consumed in excess including the body fat.

  1. Reduce Carbs intake

Right amount of carbs in your diet determines the healthy body weight. Lower intake of carbs is very advantageous for losing body weight as well as abdominal fat. 50gm of healthy carbs daily helps in losing belly fat.  There is no hard and fast carb diet plan for lsing belly fat, however, studies have shown that by just replacing refined carbs by unprocessed carbs, you can hae healthy metabolism which will lead to losing the body fat.

  1. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is a great antioxidant as well as weight reducing beverage. The blood sugar levels of blood are balanced with green tea which gives the felling of being full. A component named Catechins in green tea helps you to lose belly fat more efficiently as compared to those who do not take green tea before/after the workout.

  1. Try Yoga

Women after their menopause are more likely to gain weight. Women who did yoga for 16 weeks in their postmenopausal period are reported to observe reduction in the visceral fat layer of their bellies. The science behind this is the release of stress relieving hormone Cortisol, which is apart from other things is also associated with belly fat.  If you are not pro at yoga at this time or have never tried it before, may be just sitting straight and taking deep breaths is the beginning for you. Yoga not only helps to gain the desired body type, it is also a great way for mental, emotional and physical relaxation.

  1. Get proper sleep

Reports by Wake Forest University have shown that people who sleep five hours or less are more likely to form visceral fat layer in your belly and around the waistline. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is ideal for healthy living. Proper sleeping posture helps in losing weight. However avoid sleeping right after the meal. Waking up going to bed t the same everyday also contributes n determining healthy body weight.

  1. Running

Cardio exercises are effective ways to improve physical, mental health and to burn excess calories. Studies proved cardio to be most effective ways to reduce visceral fat. Intensity of cardio exercises depend on the body type.

  1. Cycling

Doesn’t matter whether you have cycling machine or not, this exercise can be done anywhere anytime. All you need to do is lie on floor, lift both your legs while bent at knees and start peddling  in such a way as  if you are running a bicycle.

  1. The stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum workout is a low impact exercise which means it emphasis greater on breathing pattern than strenuous work out and increasing heart rate.  The person is supposed to go down in posture of a cat. This posture is also referred as four points by trainers. The stomach exercise begins by going down on all four points while the body is supported by hands and knees followed by gentle inhaling and loosening your abdomen. He inhaled gas is followed by exhaling thus tightening the abdomen. Repeated exercise will get you flat belly

  1. Crunches

Nothing is as effective method in losing belly fat as crunches are. It is one of the most recommended exercises by trainers for people who are willing to belly fat.

Losing belly fat is not an overnight task. You need to be persistent and determined for what you aim to achieve for your body. One thing that can help you on plus not is waist trimmer. Waist trimmer is what adds bonus to your cardio workouts for losing belly fat. Waist trimmer is tightened around your belly along the waist line. The vibration feature increases the sweating process which in return increases the loss of belly fat eventually. This is very effective for people who cannot spend a lot of their time on exercises. Until next time let us which work out worked best for you in losing the belly fat. You would be impressed to see amazing waist trimmer results. All you have to do is to give this belt your best try once.Are you ready for this? Share your opinion with us.


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