5 thoughts that will make your garments look better

5 thoughts that will make your garments look better

 5 thoughts that will make your garments look better


Most of the time we think that all that matters in the fashion world is how many expensive garments we have in our closets, or that we will be the best looking if we stick to the trends of the runways, and this may have some relevance, but clothes are not everything.

When you see the catwalks, the garments are gorgeous but is the person who is showing it off that makes the garment looks prettier than it is, those models full of attitude and confidence are basically 80 percent of the perception that will be created for the outfit, while the clothes are 20 percent.

I’m not saying that clothing doesn’t matter in the world of fashion, of course, it does, but if we want to get the full potential out of what we wear, we should keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. Body language matters

Having confidence in yourself implies a lot of work, you can tell if someone is confident or not through the movements of the body. People who usually stand up straight, have open postures, and use the space they are standing are self-confident, while people who tend to cross their arms, fiddle, or keep their eyes down have a lack of it.

When you get dressed, try to stand in front of the mirror and start showing off what you are wearing, so when you go out on the streets, you will know which are your best angles and body postures, then you will be sure of the next movements you plan to make.

These are some behaviors that you should keep in mind once you are on the streets or at a gathering showing off your new outfit:

         Stand up straight and walk confidently, as if life were a catwalk

         Our emotional state is often shown through the position of our hands, try to be sure of each hand movement and don’t play with them too much.

         Instead of crossing your legs, cross your ankles, that way you would look elegant and confident.

         When you are talking with someone, try to make eye contact so people can see that you are not afraid of anything.



  1. Don’ be afraid of the garments, show them off

Nowadays, we see so many extravagant and different garments in the stores that we do not take the risk of trying them on and we give up before giving them a chance. Sometimes putting yourself out of a box could be scary, but that’s the only way we will know what we like or what we don’t.

Give a chance to those clothes who may look weird, perhaps you can make a difference, start a new trend or even be able to stand out from the crowd much more easily, also try some clothes that you may not dare to wear, such as hats and accessories that could highlight your look and define that message you want to transmit. This is a website where you may find some clothes and handmade accessories different from the ones we usually see in stores: Tinkuy. shop

  1. Dress to empower yourself

Allowing yourself to check in on how you feel is crucial. When you try on some clothes you should go for your instincts, don’t let anyone break your “uniform”, you know better than anyone else what types of looks you feel best and what you truly like and fits you. It is not a matter of weight, height, or structure, it’s a matter of finding yourself through the looks and outfits.

Trying to impress others is not the main thing when it comes to dressing, the real goal here is to impress yourself and feel good with the results, so highlight what you like most about yourself and work on what you don’t, embracing yourself and style completely is an essential thing on the fashion world.

  1. Don’t compare yourself

This quote’s easier said than done because we already know that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others, but sometimes we do it unconsciously and many times it is due to massive content on social media.

To stand out we have to be original, and if we focus on other people, we won’t have time to focus on ourselves. Around the world there will always be different types of bodies, our job is to know our curves, appreciate them, and take care of them, just in that order.

So turn that comparison into inspiration. Get some inspiration from everything around you and create something unique from it. Don’t waste time thinking about cloning or recreating an outfit you saw on Instagram or Pinterest, instead, you can take those outfits as a reference and always try to style it your own way. You have to feel confident that what you have created is something amazing, original, and unique.

  1. You decide what you want to express

Decide what you are and what you want to express through your personality and the way you dress. Fashion is not only a matter of looking good, is a matter of what you say through your clothes, and this concept has grown so much that nowadays we can see some garments with phrases expressing fun, love, revolution, or even phrases that could make the day of someone else better. We can see personalized T-shirts that may seem simple, but a single phrase can change the whole course of what that t-shirt conveys, and that’s the part where the creativity and originality kicks in

Always opt for wearing something that identifies you and conveys what you are really looking for, whether it is to go out on the street or in a meeting with your friends. For example, imagine you are your own brand, and you should show who you are in different ways, well, that’s the thing that can make someone unforgettable and even inspiring for others.

So take risks, be bold and unique. Always remember that the power of clothing is real.


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