How to Match Jewelry to Your Wardrobe

How to Match Jewelry to Your Wardrobe

Regardless of whether you want to buy a piece of jewelry to maximize return on your investment or shop for something which matches your special outfit, choosing the right kind of clothes for your wardrobe and matching jewelry can be time consuming and tricky. Irrespective of your gender, you need to look good in your clothes and accessories. Most importantly, they should match with each other.

 How to Match Jewelry

Contrary to the common notion, even men wear jewelry in one form or another. Thus, even men need to match their suits, tuxedos or casual wear with jewelry. In this post, we’ve discussed how to match jewelry to your wardrobe. Whether you’re a man or woman, you can use these tips to match them for maximum wearability.


Closet Inventory


In case you’re confused about the kind of gemstones which would suit your wardrobe, you should conduct a closet inventory to check what you already own. You should pay attention to the style of clothes in your wardrobe. Once you’re able to understand your personal style and preferences, it will be easier to choose the right jewelry items to go with your clothes or some special outfit in your wardrobe.


Attention to Patterns and Colors


When you first open your wardrobe, you should check the colors towards which you’re more inclined. Every person has some favorite colors. In addition to this, you should also note if you’re more interested in patterned or plain clothing. If you like patterned clothes, classic or simple pieces of jewelrylike for example the  Mi Moneda jewelry will be your best choice.


On the other hand, if you prefer solid, plain colors, you should buy more intricate designs according to your color preference. If white or black are your favorite colors, you will be able to choose from a wide range of jewelry items. Every gemstone can work well with black and white clothes.


Colors of Gemstones


Gemstones are available in a wide range of colors. Thus, if you want to match the shade of your outfit or clothing exactly, you need to narrow down some possibilities. For instance, while some sapphires are deep blue in colors, others come in a variety of shades. Some of them are even pink or yellow. If you choose Diamonds then you have a home run, however your pocket should be rather deep for this one. Crystals are a good substitute for a every day jewelry at an affordable price. There are some great quality crystals available on the market within good jewelry shops that can be a great replacement and a quality addition to your jewelry. And they are a match to any color of wardrobe.


Emeralds also offer a wide range of greens, from yellowish green to light olive. Similarly, the Ruby can be found in shades ranging from blood red to mauve or pink. In most cases, diamonds represent the most versatile choice. They are colorless and suit every clothing item in your wardrobe.


Give Importance to Settings


This is another important consideration while buying jewelry to match your wardrobe. A diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire set in yellow gold can look different to one set in platinum or white gold. Thus, you need to give importance to settings so that they work well with your clothes. Simpler designs always work better with patterns, while intricate and elaborate settings match solid colors. If you purchase a highly shine set of jewelry, the clothes you ware should not be to colorful. This sort of jewelry goes best on a dark or black evening clothes, so that all of its beauty is revealed.


Whether you’re a man or woman, you can use these tips to match jewelry items with your clothes. You just need to pay close attention to your style, and personality. Most importantly, you need to think whether you want the entire look to be subtle or make a unique statement.

It is very often that a person’s taste in jewelry can change over the years, as his/her style changes over years. Jewelry does not match your style only, but your habit, it is a representation of your life experience and status in society. Young people can choose more colorful designs that match their vivid characters and lifestyle, however you have to notice that executives – men or women, usually choose expensive, but simple jewelry designs, that represent their financial power as well as their taste. But anyway, the jewelry reflects their place in society and the lives they live.

Jewelry can be a great investment as well. Expensive and high quality jewelry has always been a way to preserve wealth since, money as a currency can be varying value over time. However jewelry in gold or other precious material has always been a best way to invest and survive in crises.



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