Find Spring trends Accessories this new year

Find Spring trends Accessories this new year

Read latest Spring trends Accessories this new year

The winter is still raging on, but the top designers are already preparing for the spring. The spring trends in clothing and accessories have been hitting the catwalk for the last couple of months. And with major fashion event such as the New York, London and Milan fashion weeks still to come, we can’t help but wonder what the designers might have in store for us for the Spring/Summer season of this year.

A big part of the fashionable look is formed by the accessories, may it be shoes, bags, jewelry or wristwatches. Here, I’ve tried to sum up the highlights of the upcoming trends in the accessories for the long-awaited spring of this year.

There are a few major spring trends accessories of this new year.  forming in the overall ladies accessory designs for the next season.

The Sports Influence

Gym totes and sporty elements have invaded the catwalk! Apart from the sporty feel of the bags, we can clearly notice sports elements in the shoes too – sports shoe laces and rubber platforms with threads are combining even with the elegant style this season. There is a major share of surf-inspired accessories too – mainly overly large sunglasses. The visors are making a comeback too.

Haute Hippie

Spring trends Accessories


The organic designs are gaining a wider popularity this spring/summer season. Elements of organic influences can be seen in the colorful and interesting hippy culture inspired fabrics and motifs on the bags, in the belts, in the jewelry – there is a whole theme based on the natural look with the introduction of knit and woven hemp accessories and the use of ropes too. The accessory is turned into a centerpiece – the focus is on large jewelry and wristwatches with quirky designs.

The Gladiator Belts

Apart from the natural look, there is another visible trend in the belts in particular, too. We can see wide belts that wrap the waist tightly trending currently. These resemble gladiator belts. They are made of leather or glamorous fabrics and are often embellished with studs, chains, braids, ornaments and patterns.

The Shoe Trends

There are a few main tendencies that can be noted in the shoe fashion this spring. We can see the return of the comfortable styles like Oxfords, flat and streamlined loafers. Despite the boyish look, they combine perfectly with the clothing trends and there is a bonus too – we can finally wear something comfy and not look like fashion dinosaurs! The other notable influence is the comeback of the mules. As much as many of us might thing that they are ugly, bulky or just plain horrible, they are surfacing onto the stage once again and dominating the catwalk. Deal with it!

Micro Bags Are In Trend Again

From just slightly smaller than the average to totally tiny in size, the micro bags are trending again. Square, rectangular, box-shaped, studded, ornamented, stone-set – you name it, you get it and you will be in line with the trend!

Neck Scarves

The accessory that until a couple of years ago was thought of as a piece only your grandma could afford to wear in public without being mocked at is now hitting the catwalk. Neck scarves can make a great addition to your overall style. They can be found in both bright and bold colors and more subtle pastel variations.

The Watch Trends

Despite the fact that we hardly need it for telling the time these days, with all the smartphones and gadgets that can fulfill that function for us, the watch is not going to leave the fashion scene any soon. This is an indispensable accessory that can complement any outfit. There are a few trends forming in the designs of wristwatches this spring too.

We can see a plethora of styles in the watch designs for this year. spring/summer season. From small watches in classical or retro style to overly large models in modern designs with stones and patterns on the dials; from saturated and bright colored straps (emerald-green, shades of blue, pink, burgundy and red) to the more traditional chains if fine metals; from the intricate patterns and details, flowers and figurines on the dials to the sophisticated minimalistic style – the watch designers are offering something for every taste this season. A dominating trend in the fashionable wristwatches is that, apart from the more traditional diamonds, they are decorated with other precious and semi-precious stones too. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tourmalines will enhance the glamour of the ladies timepieces this coming season. In the straps, we can see the elegant retro bracelets with clear architecture of lines and the larger and bolder ones, made of leather, plastic and metal, trending. Examples of all of the above mentioned wristwatches you can find at Uretilalt’s website (also known by the Danes as armbåndsure fra Uretilalt).


Give your accessories their due importance in the coming season and choose the most appropriate bags, shoes, jewelry and wristwatches to fit your unique style! You can stay updated with the trends by following the upcoming fashion weeks in Milan, London, Rome and Paris closely.


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