Where There Is a Style for Every Lady

Where There Is a Style for Every Lady

Always keep in mind the principles of choosing jewelry. First and foremost, you need to prepare in advance and start searching for the jewelry early, particularly if it is intended for wedding purposes or as a gift for a certain occasion. Jewelry is available in a wide range of designs and brands. This can leave you confused on where to start. Classic Diamond House is your one stop wholesaler that deals with mainly diamond jewelry available in a splendid array of designs. Apart from the diamond wedding rings and white gold diamond engagement rings, they also have an extensive selection of diamond solitude pendants and round diamond stud earrings.

Why this Diamond selling wholesaler?

Classic Diamond House

This jewelry leading wholesaler in the diamond industry offers luxurious jewelry at reasonable prices. With many years of wholesale diamond selling experience, this trusted third generation jeweler exceeds the needs of its customers. They are committed to quality, integrity and efficiency. Their stylish range of discounted diamond wedding rings and engagement rings helps you to celebrate your anniversary and other special occasions in beauty and style. The rings are a perfect way for a woman to realize her dreams. The jewelry is expertly designed to maximize each diamond’s beauty. There are many people who assume that Classic Diamond House only sells wedding and engagement rings. However, those who desire a touch of elegance on their ears can select from their wide selection of earrings. Princess cut diamonds have presently become popular because they display a fashion statement that can open doors to countless possibilities.

What to expect

Apart from variety, expertise and quality, there are extra guarantees and service you should anticipate from a jeweler when making such an important purchase. This diamond jewelry wholesaler understands that there is a possibility of not knowing the ring size of the stated finger. To deal with this, they have provided a printable ring sizer, which may assist in determining your precise ring size. There is a piece of advice that can be helpful to you. When you are looking to buy diamond jewelry, make sure that you purchase it from an authorized dealer.

Besides carrying a huge variety of high top quality jewelry at an affordable rate, Classic Diamond House offer diamond certificate for the finest diamond jewelry you choose. This guarantees you that the diamond’s cut are of quality. Another added benefit of purchasing from the wholesaler is the ring appraisal offered. You can give it to your insurance company to initiate coverage. In case of a loss, damage or theft your insurance company will be in a position to give you equivalent replacement. All the set rings supplied by this trusted wholesaler come with a jewelry appraisal.

Favorable return policy

Definitely, when making a large purchase you will want to be sure that, you can be able to return the jewelry if you want to for certain reasons. Enjoy making your order from the recognized diamond wholesaler with the confidence of knowing that there is 14 day return as well as a full 30 day exchange policy. With this, you have ample time to exchange or return your purchase. The RMA number is needed for every item you wish to return. This can be obtained by calling the wholesaler. The RMA number is required prior to processing the return. Also, all purchased items should be returned in the same condition as when received.

With the discounted rings that are affordable and cheap, they also provide you with a lifetime guarantee for all the enhanced diamonds they sell. Additionally, supposing anything happens to your enhanced ring they sold to you, they guarantee to reapply for you an enhancement at no extra cost upon your request. Their enhance rings can sustain all types of weather conditions. The diamond rings are well cut and polished to display the outstanding look. The treated diamonds are made with caution to ensure they outlast time and can be handed down to generations after you. With 23 years of clarity enhancement, the diamond jewelry wholesaler has perfected its work. You can now do your shopping with peace of mind knowing that you have well invested your money.

Furthermore, they do offer an easy to use online buying option that has been available for many years. Why not take advantage and make your diamond selection that guarantees you outstanding value and quality that you can rely on for those special occasions.

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