Five Cool Watches Worn by Five Top Celebrities on the Red Carpet this new year

Five Cool Watches Worn by Five Top Celebrities on the Red Carpet this new year

Five Cool Watches Worn by Five Top Celebrities-

Ahh! The Oscars!! This is one event, which is the crème-de-la-crème of award ceremonies. The competition is so tough that many legends of the silver screen have missed this award.

Speaking of legends, everyone who is anyone in Hollywood will attend the Oscars this year. As a result, you will see your favorite stars decked up in the latest designer wear. While some go with the traditional look, many stars opt to create their own fashion statement. However, one aspect of their wardrobe that goes unnoticed is the range of luxury watches worn by the celebrities.

Cool Watches Worn

Today, we will share the five cool watches worn during the Oscars 2015.

We start off with a vintage timepiece called as the Duoplan Joaillerie made by Jaeger-LeCoultre. This timepiece was worn by Emmanuelle Riva, who starred in Amour. We chose this timepiece because the Duoplan Joaillerie acts as a jewelry piece as well as a watch. The Duoplan Joaillerie is one of the most beautiful timepieces you can find . The model has diamonds encrusted in the strap as well as the casing surrounding the dial. The face of the watch is tiny and yet this is among the most accurate models you will ever find. It is definitely on the expensive side but it is well work it.

The second timepiece is the Midnight in Paris watch made by Van Cleef & Arpels. This timepiece was worn by Jeremy Renner. Why does this figure in the list of cool watches? Can you name any watch that shows you the alignment of the stars in the sky over the city of Paris? In addition, can you name any timepiece that has an actual meteorite in the back? This limited-edition model has rewritten the blueprint when it comes to timepieces. Pop open the back of the white gold case and you can see the entire movement of the timepiece through a sapphire crystal.

At number 3 is the Portuguese Chronograph from IWC. This timepiece was worn by the dashing and handsome Bradley Cooper. When is a modern watch not a modern watch? It is when it belongs to the Portuguese Chronograph series from the International Watch Company. The IWC introduced this series with the moniker “Classic” attached to it. The timepiece has a masculine looking old world casing, along with two sub- dials for hours and minutes. It is an automatic model fitted with a crocodile leather strap. The steel case options look good worn with just about anything north of cut-offs and a sweatshirt

Next in our list of cool watches is the Protocole XXL. This model was worn by the star of Django Unchained Mr. Jamie Foxx. Piaget has made this timepiece for the discerning male. This model is made in white gold and it is sprinkled with diamonds and precious metals. Piaget has sculpted each diamond and then added it to the Protocole XXL. The care taken by Piaget can be seen in every aspect of the timepiece. For example, the dial has markers of different sizes encrusted with precious stones and onyx. Add a black premium leather strap and you have a stylish timepiece.

The final timepiece we will look at is the Piaget Altiplano. Piaget is well known for its thin mechanical watches and their works in the jewelry field. The Piaget Altiplano is the world’s thinnest automatic watch. The watch itself is 5.25mm thick, while the incredible 1208P caliber is only 2.35mm thick. The concept of this ultra thin watch is built behind the assumption they are worn by elegant gentlemen usually to elegant affairs. This wattch is discrete and at the same time extremely regal looking. In fact it is so stylish that it is considered not suitable for an everyday watch. This model was worn by Hugh Jackman, Paul Rudd and Mark Ruffalo. This is another premium timepiece made by the experts at Piaget. They have managed to combine simplistic looks with modern functionality. The best thing about this watch is that it is one of the thinnest manual timepieces in the world today. Piaget has managed to make this timepiece stylish by adding a sub dial for the hourly display.

We are eagerly waiting to see what the red carpet will offer at this year’s Oscars. Meanwhile, share this list of cool watches and ensure that your friends know about these amazing timepieces, too.

Author bio: Rita Ramonez is a stay-at-home mom of two who works as a blogger and freelance writer in her little spare time. She speaks fluently four languages (one of which is Norwegian) and that is why she agreed to start writing for Uniwatches and their cool designer watches line (also known by the Norwegians as fete designer klokker fra Uniwatches).



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