How to secure the commercial buildings in the Bay area

High rise and commercial building security has prompted the need of more comprehensive and robust safety mechanisms. It concerns the building owners, the business community and the tenants alike. To ensure the safety around the premises, to keep a record of entries and distinguishing between the restricted areas and public areas are the challenges that the locksmith near Bay Area will have to face in working on a commercial building project. Thus, it is essential to develop a detailed strategy to effectively address all of the concerning issues.

How to secure the commercial buildings


The properly implemented arrangements are not just limited to guarding the exterior, but it goes beyond that date. It is a cover for the whole building and its effectiveness penetrates into the interior protection as well. The best strategies are the one that is an amalgamation of prevention, detection and quick response. A well-blended combination of these eliminates the chances of failure and will give the inhabitants a peace of mind. In a commercial entity, the locksmith San Francisco pays attention to the security of physical assets as well as the lives of the employees.

Prevention: The safest property is the one that is able to discourage the burglars right away. So, one of the important aspect of the security system is that it should offer high visibility that deters the intruders from the face of it. If your premises is well guarded, there is no harm in bragging about it. Letting the people know about how well defended you are, will keep them from attempting to breach the safety codes.


The second level of security is the early detection of intrusion, so that it can be looked after and also to reduce the subsequent damage. The basic intrusion detection involves alerting the police or the security authority about the location of the incident with the help of audible alarms. The alarm systems and motion detectors are placed near windows, doors and access points. The commercial buildings that become dormant or lack the activity in the evening or late hours have been effectively guarded with this method.

Access Control:

In an office building or a commercial unit where a great number of people are working together, access control is a very concerning factor. It is the ability of the owner to award or deny the access to a particular area to a particular employee. The employees roaming around with a bunch of keys is no more a workable idea and it has been effectively replaced by the magnetic card systems. The locksmith Oakland has installed these digital locks in most of the office buildings. The different machines are controlled by a centralized system in which the access level of the employee is mentioned. The smart cards, bar code cards, biometrics and handprint systems are the manifestation of access control and provide. The positives of these mechanisms are the cost effectiveness and the varying degree of flexibility. It does not require personal monitoring and the data is stored in the central system.

Security Camera Surveillance:

This method of commercial security has gained the maximum popularity and has also evolved significantly. The best bay area locksmith installs these cameras along with the DVR to centrally manage the security. It reduces the need for the security personnel and if the surveillance system is integrated with the access control, the whole perimeter security along with the entries can be managed from the security room. The DVR’s record the happenings and discard them on the monthly or weekly basis. With the tagging of the day and time, it is easy to pull out the data if there is a need.

Now with the video analytic tools of the locksmith near Bay Area, managing security has become much easier and only the important incidents are brought to attention through motion detection and anomalies in human behavior.

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