How Badly Smoking Affects Your Look

How Badly Smoking Affects Your Look

Smoking is falsely mistaken as something which has a lot of style an coolness attached to it, especially for men who consider it to be a sign and portrayal of machoism. What is even unhealthier is the attitude towards this dangerous habit which stems from a definite callousness towards health and which also brings you closer towards mortality and toxins.

The smokers are the ones who are most aware of the aftermath of smoking, still indulge into it and what is worse; they do not have any plans to stop it unless something really dramatic happens. Not only does this habit cause internal disorders but also affect your looks adversely. Here is how:

How Badly Smoking Affects

Loose Skin on the Body:

When you smoke, the nicotine which is present in the cigarettes or any other smoking material blocks the oxygen supply to the skin. This naturally slows down the blood circulation of the body causing the skin to sag. Lack of oxygen also makes the collagen loosen up, and collagen is responsible for our skin to look tight and young.

Therefore the people who have been smokers since ten years or more would often notice sagging facial skin, sagging arms and breasts which really look ugly.

Lines on the Lips:

how badly smoking affects appearance

When the cigarette roll is on your lips constantly it is usually hot and smoking. The smoke and heat which are emitted while smoking, damage the most delicate area of your face, which is the lip area. The heat causes the skin of the lips to wither way and strips the natural moisture. As a result, you notice the lips turning black or purples which certainly do not look pretty. Also, fine wrinkles and lines start to develop which makes you look old and stiff.

Dark Age Spots on the Skin:

Because of the nicotine and harmful toxins which enter your body through smoking, the erratic blood circulation causes the skin to develop dark spots. The areas where the supply of the blood is not sufficient, they tend to develop these dark spots. Even if you are just in your 30s, you would still start looking like that old woman at the bar which gives you frustrated looks!

Formation of Wrinkles:

Sagging skin is a common phenomenon with chain smokers and that too before the age advances, therefore it is quite obvious that you would also start developing wrinkles on your face, hands and neck because you have too much nicotine in your blood. This especially results into crow’s feet, eye bags, dark circles under the eyes and granny lines on the forehead.

Hair Breakage and Dullness:

Smoking kills away the nutrition of your body therefore there is hardly any immunity present inside you to combat any other health issues. Your protein, vitamin and mineral levels stoop so low which start showing in the form of intense hair loss, and a limp, dry and dull texture of your hair. Everyone knows how important are hair to our personality. Hair gives us the confidence to be who we are and if such is the condition of our hair, we would certainly not give out an impression of self assurance.

Poor Dental Health:

Your smile might have garnered enough appreciation and compliments for its beauty and charm, however if you are not going to kick the butt, those smoky puffs are soon going to make you shy away from smiling forever. This is because it would turn your teeth yellow and the gums might develop certain problems like scurvy and bleeding gums. If not for any other reason, at least stop smoking for the sake of your beautiful smile.

Ugly and Stained Fingers and Nails:

Holding the cigarettes in between your fingers constantly subject them to smoke which causes an ugly yellow or pale color on your fingers as well as nails. Not to mention they start looking lifeless, because your Vitamin level has completely gone down. The manicures which you spend on would do absolutely no good if you continue to take in those puffs.

Causes Many Kinds of Cancer:

Now comes one of the most perilous repercussion of smoking. A life threatening disease like cancer is a very common after effect of smoking, and if you say that how it affects your looks, skin cancer is the most frequent type of cancer caused by smoking, next to lung cancer. You could be happy compromising with your looks and beauty, but are you happy comprising and staking your life?

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