Why is it important for men to wear a vest in summers?

Why is it important for men to wear a vest in summers?

Why is it important for men to wear a vest in summers?


Vest is an innerwear item for men which is worn on the upper part of the body having no sleeves. Vest helps in maintaining health and hygiene of the body. An insulated vest provides warmth during the winter season whereas light coloured vests during the summer season helps in absorbing all the sweat from the body.


Whenever you feel that your body fat is not letting your personality stay in shape, vests pick up everything and make your personality a pleasing one from the outside. Vests are made up of different fabrics according to the different regions.


Vests or undershirts depending on one’s preference have become more of a men;s must have luxury. Most of the men prefer wearing them as undergarments because they are light and loose fitted which helps the air to pass through the body easily.


Vest are usually plain-coloured but come in different sizes, shaded, texture, v necked and round necked of various brands out there. Vest helps in keeping men fresh and gives them an attractive look.


Choose the best fabric for vest

Everybody wants to feel comfortable with what they wear. When it comes to inner garment you don’t want to be seen feeling uncomfortable among your friends and other people around you. That is why it is very important to choose the right material for your undergarments as there are different varieties of undergarments that are available in India. The most important thing while choosing the material is that it should be comfortable and breathing. For men, the material used for making a vest should be cotton as it absorbs moisture and feels comfortable when it comes in contact with the body. The vest made up of cotton is very light and durable. There are many colours which are available but it is recommended to buy light colours during summer season as they absorb the sweat more easily


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Why is it important to wear a vest during the summers?

  1. During summers, most of the men don’t have the liberty of wearing sleeveless or loose fitting cloth like women during their work. So, they body sweat that which eventually strains formal or cotton clothes which might also look unhygienic and unprofessional. Inner vest help in protecting the shirt by actually absorbing all the sweat from your body.
  2. Usually, men have to face problems with their shirts’ button which tends to get loose or broken and it results in the unnecessary show of your body. Vests help in avoiding this if you are wearing them with the same colour shirt.
  3. Most of the men avoid trimming their body hair and prefer their natural body which actually makes the skin itchy if it is in friction with the outer cloth. Vest helps in solving this problem by providing a protective layer between your skin and the cloth you are wearing.
  4. Vests also help in hiding the fat belly. It is very helpful when you want to wear formal clothes at your work or any other occasion.

Why is it important for men to wear a vest in summers

Pros and cons of wearing a vest 


Advantages of wearing a vest

  • If you sweat so much that your cloth becomes wet, wearing a vest will surely help.
  • With stiff closed shirts and black ties, vests can help in preventing skin scouring.
  • If your body is always cold and you need an extra layer of fabric, vests can be very useful.
  • If you have a huge chest and you want it to look small, be sure to wear a vest. It will give a decent shape to your body and will give your personality an attractive look.
  • Vests prevent the chest hair from bumping through the surface of the shirt.
  • Without a vest, your shirt will get deodorant stains. Wearing a vest will keep your shirt clean.
  • If you like to keep the top two buttons of your shirt open, wear only those vests that are not visible in the collar area.


Disadvantages of wearing a vest 

  • It is a proven fact that wearing a vest helps in maintaining health and hygiene of your body. However, if you don’t wash them on a regular basis and wear them unwashed they may be very harmful for your body.
  • An extra layer of cloth might be undesirable in summers and a vest will clearly show through an open-weave shirt regardless of its colour.


How should a vest fit in?

Your vest should be close-fitting with small arm holes to prevent wrinkles and allow it to absorb the sweat under your arms. You should not buy a vest that is very tight as it might be uncomfortable for you. The best fit will be the one that will be comfortable without restricting the motion of your body. Make sure that the vest is long enough to be tucked inside and make sure that the neck opening is of the same size as your shirt collar. The one bunching out of your neck the whole day will be very annoying. Cheaper vests are often baggy causing unsightly bunches of fabric around your waist. A well-fitted vest will be such that the shirt will lie flat across the body.


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Rules for wearing men’s vest

  • Don’t let the vest show unless they are hiding hair, tattoos, or other marks on your body.
  • The vest you are wearing should be thin, stretchy and thin-fitting.
  • If your skin tone is light, you should buy a vest that is white, light gray or beige in colour.
  • If your skin tone is dark, you should buy a vest that is brown, dark gray or black in colour.


Men’s vest fabrics

The fabric used for making the vest should be thin and stretchy to prevent it from showing through.

  • 100% cotton is durable and trustworthy, choose high-quality cotton.
  • Another good choice is stretch modal blends which is a combination of cotton and synthetic fibres that create a smooth look and stretchy feel that retains its face.


Always keep these points in your mind, while buying a vest for yourself in summers.

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