Wedding Dress Code: What Should I Wear To The Wedding?

Wedding Dress Code: What Should I Wear To The Wedding?

Whenever you are invited to a wedding, there is only one question that instantly pops into your mind “What am I going to wear?”

Everyone knows that a wedding is an event that requires you to dress nicely.  But not all weddings are the same.  You need to know the dress code for the event you are invited to. Otherwise, you may end up either over or under dressed for the occasion.

The dress code or attire to the event is always indicated in the wedding invitation. Weddings are usually either formal, semi-formal or informal. Some themed weddings may also request you to wear a certain color or fashion style that jives with the overall wedding theme.

Wedding Dress Code


A full formal dress code requires men to be in white tie suits. Women are requested to be in their ball gowns for evening events or in a morning dress for daytime events.

Semi Formal

Men are requested to wear black tie suits while women are asked to wear their cocktail dresses for semi formal events.


Some invitations would call this “casual wear.” Because it is a wedding, the basic rule is that  men should at least wear a decent long sleeve polo shirt and slacks, while the ladies should, at least, wear a nice dress to the party. No jeans and shorts are allowed.

Themed Dress Code

Some weddings are done in unconventional venues like the beach, a garden, or a nature reserve. For this reason, these themed weddings may request you to wear a certain kind of clothing for the occasion.

The Venue

Another thing to consider when choosing what to wear is the venue of the wedding. Taking this into consideration would give you an idea on what to wear.

Dress Smart

What do you mean by dressing smart? It simply means wearing something you are comfortable in. It also requires you to consider the weather condition or the time of day of the wedding.

The Hair

Most ladies like to put their hair up during formal events. However, time has definitely changed. Many like to keep their looks natural with their hair flowing gloriously. The most important thing when choosing a hairstyle is opting for one that you are comfortable with.

What Not To Wear

Now that you know what you should wear, here are a few reminders of what not to wear at any wedding.

For the women:

”    Never wear anything that is too tight, too short or revealing. You do not want to take the attention away from the bride, and be the center of attraction.
”    Never wear an all black attire. It is not a funeral.
”    Avoid loud prints or sparkly dresses. You can wear those when you go clubbing, but never on a wedding.
”    Never wear a white dress. You are not the bride.
”    Don’t wear too much make up. Unless the wedding is being done is a very dark venue, it is best to keep the makeup simple and natural.
”    Never come in your jeans and sweater.

For the men:

”    Even if the invitation says “casual attire allowed”, do not come in your shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops
”    Never wear jeans to a wedding (unless it is indicated on the invitation)
”    Avoid short sleeves for formal and semi formal events.
”    Stay away from loud colors and big prints.

Lastly, everyone has their own sense of fashion and style. You, of all people should know which attire you will be most comfortable with. But remember that you are there to celebrate with the couple who are getting married, so you should consider their required dress code.

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