13 reasons why social media for business is non negotiable

13 reasons why social media for business is non negotiable
Why social media for business in the right way.
Since the day of the call centre has long gone, companies worldwide are learning ever more what the benefits are of using social media in order to make sure that their clients are happy and have the correct support they need in order to eventually decide to become returning customers and buy your products again or even refer it to a friend, either way generating you or your company more business.
The reason that call centres have become outdated is due to the fact that the process has become too long and far too often fails to resolve the problem. This is due to the fact that the people on the other end to the phone are often working for a company where the work has been outsourced meaning that they have never even seen the product you are talking about and they often are simply reading scripts from a manual or a computer screen after having had very little training.
Social media on the other hand solves all these problems, by making the process much faster. Firstly this is due to the fact that the person using the company twitter or Facebook can search the web using hash tags or popular phrases relating to the product or company and therefore they can make sure that the problem does not become exponentially worse by other people adding further negative comments.
If your company is large, you can make specific twitter or other social accounts for differing departments meaning that you will be able to solve the problem with a much more targeted focus. If this is done internally this will allow the member of staff of the specific department who is managing the social account to be able to go to get the correct answer the first time from someone who is in the know how from within the company.This will not only allow your company to seem fast and responsive, but also it will help you to be able to solve problems much faster leaving your customers happy.
Another thing that social media can do much better than call centres is to give your company a specific tone or personality. This will enable your customers to relate to the help they have received and they will be able to almost feel like they know who they are talking to. This in turn will make them remember the experience with a degree of fondness.
It is often hard to decide which tone you wish to take, for example you could be funny and jokie or you could decide to take a sheer tone of professionalism, however this depends on the industry your company is in and how it decides it wants to interact with customers.
Another way to do this is by having a company mascot. You can make them do the talking for you and can obviously increase the personality of your company. You should however stick strictly to whatever tone you decide to take in order to make return customers used to the situation and the interaction. Many companies use mascots to talk on their behalf and if done just right, this can also create a great amount of exposure for a relatively small cost.
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