Responsibility for caring comes with pet ownership

When it comes to getting a pet, it is important to look before you leap. There is no point in getting a pet that cannot fit into your home or lifestyle. And ownership of a pet or pet ownership means the owner is responsible for keeping them happy and healthy.
Dogs need company. 
Before you get a pet, you will have to consider seriously whether a new character will fit well with your present home arrangements. Dogs in particular are very social animals; they do not appreciate being left on their own. A lone dog needs lots of company from humans. It is important not to leave them alone for more than about four hours in a day, as dogs left alone can become bored, which can cause them to be destructive or start bouts of barking. And they need to be ‘socialised’ – meeting new humans and animals – in the first few weeks of life. If they are not socialised early, they can become either timid or aggressive, neither of which is ownershipPets don’t always get on. 
Cats, on the other hand, are not social animals. Bringing in another cat or dog to the household puts stress on the original cat. Food and toilet areas might need to be separated and the animals will need some private area to which they can escape. Pet owners in Germany thinking of having another haustiere will have to consider how more than one pet will interact.Before committing to another pet you need to ask yourself some questions:
* Are your home and garden big enough?
* Will your pet be all right on its own or does it need company?
* Can you afford the new pet?
* Will your lifestyle be able to accommodate a pet?
* How long will your pet live? In other words, how long will you have to pay for it?
* Who will care for your pet while you are on holiday?
* Do you have the time to care properly for your pet?
Can you go the distance? 
The amount of time and exercise a pet needs varies greatly. A border collie dog needs about seven kilometres exercise every day, which can be a big commitment to a busy pet owner. A cat on the other hand can exercise itself. Both cats and dogs need regular grooming and long-haired animals need more than short-haired.Veterinarians recommend that dogs should be vaccinated, neutered, insured and micro-chipped. They also need regular treatment for worms and fleas. Insurance is becoming increasingly widespread and necessary.
pet ownership
The ordinary costs, such as worming and vaccinations, are not normally large enough to cause owners problems; it is the unexpected costs of treatment for haustiere that can spiral and cause headaches for pet owners. Third party insurance at least is probably necessary to cover expenses if your dog is the cause of an accident. And add in the costs of putting the pet in kennels: You will probably need it if you are going on holiday.AUTHOR BIO
Warren Savage is a complete animal lover, with a fondness for Burmese cats and dachshunds. He writes on animal care and behaviour for a range of websites and blogs.

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