How To Choose A Cat Boarding Which Would Give Best Facilities

With a kitty in your home, whenever you think of taking a trip outside your town or making plans for staying in your friend’s home for some days, you hesitate to take a decision. It comes to your mind that, “what would happen to my kitty behind me?” and you are discouraged from making any plans even! To give your family their desired vacation and take care of your kitty on the same time would be possible only when you can search for a Cat boarding well ahead of time.

It may seem a bit odd to you, but your kitty would love to stay in any place where they can get comfortable. Moreover, what you have to test about them is that whether the staff is caring and knowledgeable about cats. If you found that the employees do not love felines, then it may not be a good option to keep your beloved in such place.

How To Choose A Cat Boarding

Before finalizing the cat boarding, things that should be taken care are;

1)      Making an Appointment

Make a proper appointment and during that see whether the person attending you is quite interested in small issues like keeping emergency phone numbers, giving you details about the veteran doctor. If they are not showing proper interest, then it means that the facility is not the right place to keep your pet.

2)      Taking the Tour

Ask them for a tour around their place. If you are not allowed then just forget about keeping your pet in that place. Any good cat boarding would always love to show you their arrangements so that you feel that your cat is in good hands, and you can leave for a trip without any tension.

3)      Smelly Spaces

While you are touring any particular facility, then stop in place of office or any other places and take the smell. If you can get any smell of cat urine or any other bad smell then  just turn around to search another facility for keeping your kitty.

4)      Sick Animals

During your tour around the place check out whether there are any sick animals there. If you found any sick cat, then verify about their arrangements for treating the sick felines. Sick animals must be kept separated from the others.  Cats that are at best of their health must not come in contact with the sick cats.

5)      Emergency Veterinarian

To make sure that the facility takes good care of the cats ask them about the veterans. Also take their Contact number so that you may yourself discuss with the veteran regarding any issues about your kitty. However, if they are unable to provide with the details, think twice and also them how they handle any sick cat in a kennel.

6)      Ventilation

Check out whether the place has proper ventilation or not. Any place with poor ventilation can be a danger for cats as they may become ill. Ask them whether they have proper ventilation in every unit.

7)      Caged Cats

When you leave your cat at a boarding then you must verify that whether the boarding is providing them the same level of comfort that you keep them at home. Find out whether the cages are small or one-level cages. If they are such then please keep your cat away from such boarding. Choose such boarding where there are multi-level enclosures that allow your kitty to climb and play.

8)      Attention

A boarding house must provide each and every cat individual attention. The facility must be properly equipped so that they may include daily brushing and playing in their care for the felines. A cat boarding without proper and individual attention for every cat is not a fit place to keep your kitty.

9)      Personal Items

The place where you are keeping your pet during your trip must allow you bring your cat’s belonging to their place. They must be caring enough to understand that a pet feels secure with the things that they use. Especially, if their fur father or mothers are not near then what they need most are those things that would make them feel better.

10)  Cats only

Finally, and most important thing that you must check is that whether the boarding is for cats only or for dogs and cats? It is always better that you keep your cat in such boarding who does not keep both the animals together. It would be very harsh experience for the cats to stay nears the dogs as they keep on barking, which may be annoying for the cats. Hence, always try to keep your pets in such place where they can mingle with their species only.

If the budget is not a constraint for you then you can choose the boarding facilities which have names with “adobe,” “inn,” “suites,” “spa”, or “condos” along with their name. Nomenclature may not seem that important, but places with such names are with plentiful space and gives your cat individualist attention. Although they may seem a bit heavy on your pockets, but during your tour you can be rest assured that your pet is in good hands, and they are taking proper care of the animal.

If you are worried about how to find a good boarding for your cat, then the traditional method is the best one to search a better place for the cat. Word-of-mouth would be extremely helpful when you are searching for a facility. It is because only those people would praise a facility that are happy with their services and would again keep their pets there if required.

Another way through which you can search a cat boarding for your act is through internet. Search for the boarding at your local place. Once you get some names, shortlist them as per your requirement. You can find a number of sites that would provide a review about the place, and you can read these reviews to search one which is best the place to keep your pet cat. Kitty would always be happy enough to stay in a place that would provide it with the same comfort as they get in your home.

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