How to Avoid Being Pushy women in a Relationship

How to Avoid Being Pushy women in a Relationship

Tips to Avoid Being Pushy in a Relationship-

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Pushy women spend their time stressing out men with all sorts of demands and critiques.Unfortunately, they think this is the best way to get what you want out of a relationship. But truth being told, this method actually drives men away. Tired of on-going nagging, they rather come home late or find another girlfriend.

Below, we have mentioned the most common problems when it comes to women being pushy.Also, we have presented some efficient solutions for improving the relationship and keeping men happy and interested.


1. How to not be Pushy in a relationship or avoid being too pushy-


How to not be Pushy

Women think about long term relationship much faster

The first thing men feel pushed about is being too pushy in a relationship itself. It’s not that he doesn’t love you,only that male individuals live in the moment. They think like this: We are happy together, so nothing needs to be changed. On the other side, the female cannot stop thinking about the relation’s status: Are we girlfriend and boyfriend or what?

Then, after a couple of years, the pressure goes even higher. While the man is satisfied with life as it is now, the woman wants to label the relation further on. She starts giving him hints and suggestions. Suddenly, the man finds out that all her friends got engaged and will get married.And now, she is the only one left on the outside. Additionally, every girlfriend is asking her about the big decision.

While all these reminders give hope to women, they only add pressure on men. And in their case, the results can be disastrous: distress feelings that lead to the desire of escaping from this situation.

So if you want to keep your man close by, then stop nagging him about engagement and marriage. After all, what is it that you want: to be married, or to have a happy life with this man?

How to stop been pushy in a relationshipInstead of being pushy on this matter, work on your life as a couple. If you are living together,try to make this a pleasant experience. Share responsibilities, decide together on the menu, politely ask for certain things, respect each other private needs, and so on. In this way, your partner will look forward to get home after a hard day at work. Otherwise, if you keep nagging him every time with getting engaged or married, he will think about home as a stressful place. And so, men will want to stay in here as less as possible. In the end, the woman loses.


2. Have a personal life

avoid being too pushy in a relationship

Most women want to do everything with their partner: going out, shopping, cooking, watching TV, eating in the same time, going to sleep at the same hour, etc. But wait – you have a boyfriend, not a Siamese twin! This kind of relationship has no place for mystery or for second guessing. Everything is out there loud and clear. Soon, men will start wondering about otherwomen if they know absolutely everything about their girlfriends.

Avoid this from happening by still keeping a piece of life only for yourself. And also, allow your boyfriend to have personal hobbies and occupations too. This habit is really healthy for relationships.

A personal life outside the relationship is benefic for both partners. This will help you not become depended one to another. Additionally, some time apart will give both of you the occasion to think about each other and to wonder what the partner is doing. Make your boyfriend miss you and not be tired of you. In the end, in case of a break up, individuals will not be left with nothing – they will still have their friends, hobbies and personal activities.

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3.  Be together, but independent

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Partners can have personal lives when they stay together over the same roof too. Stop using the question What will we be doing this evening? or What will we be watching tonight? Nowadays,grown-ups have so little free time left that they want to make the best out of it for themselves. For example, women want to exercise, to go shopping for new clothes and shoes, and to see the latest TV show. On the other side, men want to drink beer with their friends, to check the latest phones on the market, and to watch sports.

Some women wrongly prefer to drop their wishes, only to keep men from going out with friends.Also, they force their partners to watch the same movies. Both individuals lose in this situation and are not happy with the outcome. So why not let everybody be for a change? Let him watch sports, while you are exercising. Let him meet his friends, while you are shopping for new outfits.And so on.

Never forget that boyfriends are first of all human beings just like you. Men have their own willing, needs, wishes, and so on. Respecting all these personal necessities will make you a better partner. Not to mention that men love independent women who don’t stay hooked by their neck.

4. How to avoid being pushy in a relationship-No more criticism

How to Avoid Being Pushy women in a Relationship

Men function in a different way. If you tell your partner: You are very lazy and you throw your things all over the house, he will take it as a personal feature: So I am a lazy and unorganized person. But he won’t immediately come up with the solution. So if women want to see a change,they must find other ways of communicating a discontent. For example, females could say:Darling, I want our house to always look tidy. I need your help for this, so your responsibilities would be washing the dishes and always putting your stuff back where it belongs. Would you like to do these things or you prefer having other responsibilities?

In conclusion, women must give up and Avoid Being Pushy in a Relationship and should start being clever! Criticism,insistence, and dependency won’t get you anywhere good. Men like having some space where they could take personal decisions. Allow your partner the liberty to be and he will becom grateful for such an understanding girlfriend. Also, keep him interested by having a personal life outside the relationship.


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