10 Exciting Easter Gifts

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the more interesting products available online that you can purchase as Easter gifts for your loved ones at this special time of year. You might not be keen on all of them but I hope you find one or two of my suggestions to your liking.

1. A soft, furry toy bunny – The Easter Bunny is a popular character with children of all ages and a furry bunny rabbit that is safe for very young kids to play with could therefore make an excellent present.

Easter Gifts

2. A tea infuser in the shape of a shark fin – while this doesn’t really have anything to do with Easter, I knew I had to buy one the moment I first spotted it. It is one of those really cool gifts that online retailers sell and is sure to delight any of your friends who enjoy a refreshing cuppa made with loose leaf tea.

3. Grenade-shaped egg cups – most people think about chocolate eggs at this time of year but if you are planning to have boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday, you can add a touch of fun to your meal with these explosive-looking egg cups.

4. A magnetic egg for paper clips – the perfect festive gift for office workers that will not only help them to keep their desk neat and tidy but will make them smile too. The magnetic egg is simply laid on the desk and metal paper clips will stick to it until they are needed.

5. A camera lens coffee mug – if you have a friend who is a keen photographer and enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning, this novelty mug will make an ideal gift for them.

6. A print of a famous painting with an Easter theme – whilst you might not be able to afford to buy a painting depicting the resurrection of Christ that was executed by one of the old masters, you can buy good quality giclée prints online that look almost as good from a distance. Any friend or relative who loves art is sure to appreciate such a gift at this time of year.

7. An Owl egg shaper – friends that enjoy fried eggs for breakfast at any time of year will love this gift. Not only will it help to ensure that their fried eggs are perfectly round, it will also make their breakfasts look really cool too.

8. A holiday in Israel – this is obviously a gift that you would only consider giving to a very special friend or as a treat for your family but what better time could there be to visit the holy land with your loved ones than at Easter? Explore the city of Jerusalem, swim in the Dead Sea and enjoy the famous nightlife of Tel Aviv.

9. A real life bunny – if your children have been trying to convince you to let them have a small pet for ages, Easter could be a nice time to relent and buy them a furry rabbit from the local pet shop.

10. New clothes – the symbolism at this time of year is all about rebirth so help one of your friends to reinvent themselves by buying them a few items of clothing that could be the start of a completely new wardrobe for them.

I hope that you liked at least a few of my suggestions and that you are now full of great ideas of what to buy your nearest and dearest this Easter.

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