How Phone Answering Service for Small Business Save You Big Bucks

How Phone Answering Service for Small Business Save You Big Bucks
Time is money, wrote Ben Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman in 1748 and correctly advised that you should waste neither time nor money but make the best use of both that advice is as valid today it as it was then.
The opportunity to waste time and money in our faster paced modern business world is even greater than it was in Franklin’s day. Time paid for but not utilized by a receptionist waiting for the next call is money spent for nothing. Since the likelihood of finding a receptionist to sit in your place of business and get paid by the call is probably not going to happen what is a business owner expected to do?
Small Business Phone Answering Service
Hire a small business answering service! Small business answering services don’t charge by the hour for time they wait for your customers to call they charge by the time they spend answering your calls. They can do this because answering service agents work for multiple companies and spread their time and cost out saving the individual business lots of money in the process.
Phone Answering Service for Small Business
Small business answering services provide additional savings beyond the hourly salary cost. They save on time lost and paid for sick days. When your receptionist is out with the flu many companies provide sick pay and have to have someone else answer the phone effectively causing them to pay 100% to one person for no productivity and 70%, 80% or 90% to someone else for time spent waiting.
This realization has led many a business owner and manager to the door of a small business answering service as a way to reduce costs and maintain a professional, courteous public face. Sick and holiday pay are not the only payroll savings, health benefits and even the employer’s portion of payroll taxes can are effectively returned to the bottom line.
Time is money, saving time and saving money are the keys to a healthy bottom line and growing business. Small business answering services provide savings that extend beyond direct payroll expenses and improved efficiency.
We’ve all been frustrated waiting for someone to pick-up the phone and we’ve all hung up and called elsewhere looking for a human being. Small business answering services work very well at reducing customer hold time which reduces call abandonment, saving customers and great amounts of money.
Protecting unrealized revenues that would have been missed due to call abandonment by prospective customers is a sort of bonus savings for many businesses because they would never have known that they lost a sales opportunity.
Time spent supervising is time not spent doing the things that grow a business. Like abandoned calls time spent supervising and managing staff takes time away from more productive pursuits like marketing. The savings can extend well beyond owners and managers to production staff and others who have to take time out to answer calls that could easily be handled by a small business answering service.
There are cost saving benefits that go beyond the obvious staffing issues and their related overhead and extend to technology and into marketing. As a business grows the need for additional phone lines can add up in a hurry. Outsourcing to a small business answering service shifts the burden and cost to the service provider. That includes not just installation but ongoing maintenance costs as well.
By virtue of the way a small business answering service – client relationship works you will have access to activity reports detailing call volume, times of day duration and more. Information that can be put to use in analyzing the effectiveness of an ad or marketing effort, information that would cost a small fortune in time for in-house staff to track and compile.


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