Emails Without Phone Number Verification

By any chance, are you searching for an email that requires you to verify your phone number? Excellent email services with appealing user interfaces, perfect security with end-to-end encryption, and free iOS and Android apps that don’t require a phone number are available! In case you are on your iPhone, you can take a look at the site here to know about paid and fake emails. You are not obligated to use a shady email service.

It’s creepy these days, and you must give away your phone number in exchange for an email account. While providing the phone number protects the company, it isn’t significant to us. Here’s a list of free email services that would not ask you for your phone number.

  1. MAIL.COM – Free Email Accounts

Signing up for is straightforward, and you’ll have an email account in under three minutes if you enter your name, chosen email address, security question, and password. On the other hand, free users are limited to 65 GB of storage and can only attach files up to 30 MB in size.

While this may be a disadvantage for some, the other features they offer outweigh the drawbacks, like two-factor authentication (2FA), email aliases, a free online Office suite, and even free email mobile apps for Android and iOS. has long been a favorite; the servers are dependable, and the UI is easy.

2. tutanota – Free Encrypted Email

This is one of the most helpful email services I’ve ever used. What could be better? provides free anonymous sign-ups and up to 1GB of storage. Tutanota is encrypted, which adds an added layer of security.

What is the most enjoyable aspect? Tutanota is a free and open-source initiative that relies on donations and premium accounts to stay afloat. Premium accounts are reasonably priced, at only 1 euro per month. This page does not contain any advertisements.

3. Yandex Mail – Free Reliable Email

Yandex is a Russian internet company that offers a variety of products and services, including email (think of it as a Russian Google). It provides a well-designed user interface, as well as suitable security. gives 10 GB of free storage space.

4.     GMX MAIL – Free Email Accounts

GMX is a popular free email service that does not require phone number verification and does not require a phone number. However, it may ask for an alternate email address, which is always helpful if you forget your password. GMX offers free storage of up to 65GB and iOS and Android apps. The Global Mail Exchange (GMX) requires the use of a second email address to register for an account. This feature may be useful if you don’t want to share your phone number. You can register for an account by visiting GMX’s sign up page. Then, you’ll need to provide some personal information, such as your name and address, so that GMX can verify your identity. In addition, you must answer a security question known as captcha to complete your registration. After you have completed this step, you’ll be able to sign in and enjoy your new account with GMX Mail without worrying about your phone number.

You can also create up to 10 free alias addresses that you can manage from a single mailbox.

5. PROTONMAIL – Free Secure Email

ProtonMail is a free email service based in Switzerland that provides 500MB of storage and 150 emails per day. While it may not sound exciting, includes encryption, which most other email providers do not.

Yes, you can send recipients password-protected encrypted emails that expire or self-destruct after several days.

4. Inbox. lv (Stable and Powerful Free Email)

Latvia’s most extensive free email service. It offers email and other online services, like file sharing, photo backup, calendaring, and dating! You can, of course, register for free without providing your phone number.

You’ll have 20GB of email storage at your disposal. Inbox. Lv’s site & email dashboard are, of course, in English.

5. Mailinator – Temporary Email Services

Mailinator is a service that provides a free, temporary email account that does not require authentication. You don’t need to establish an account; go to and generate a temporary email address. It’s important to remember that Mailinator can only receive emails; it can’t send them.

Another drawback is the lack of privacy; all emails are accessible worldwide. Mailinator is a service for registering accounts if you don’t want to expose your actual email address for fear of getting spammed or if you only want to write once.

6. Temp mail – Disposable Temporary Email

Temp mail is not your typical email provider; instead, it provides you with a one-time email address that is only free some a few hours. Be cautious because certain services may not accept a temporary email address as your registration email.

It’s a one-time use email address. Of course, there are no requirements for verifications, and you are not obliged to log in.

When you visit their homepage, they will give you a temporary email address, and it’s immediately ready to use.

7. – Free Encrypted Email

Protonmail’s usage of client-side encryption is a significant feature. Furthermore, their servers (which are owned by Protonmail to avoid using a third party) are located in Switzerland, where neither the United States nor the European Union has jurisdiction.

This means that no one will be able to decode your communication if it is intercepted on its way to the Protonmail server (unlike with other popular email providers like Gmail).

8. MAGNESIA – Free Disposable Email

Malaysia is an email with amnesia. Malaysia has one drawback: it does not allow you to send emails. Seriously. No registration is required; enter your selected email address, and you will obtain an instant inbox in seconds.

9. OpenMail- reliable Mail

If you are looking for an email service that does not require you to provide a phone number, you should try OpenMailBox. The free email service offers up to 5 GB of storage space, is available in several languages, and is similar to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. The downside of the free version is that you are not allowed to access POP3 or IMAP, so you may find it hard to transfer your data from your old email service to the new one.


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