Basics of Best Mountain Bike brands Frame Materials

Just like ay sports enthusiast, mountain bikers have to be knowledgeable about the sport and the right equipment they need. If you are interested in the sport, then you will need a basic knowledge of the sport itself and of one of the sport’s essentials: the mountain bike.


Best Mountain Bike brands

There are currently a wide variety of bicycles available in the market and most of them are constructed specifically for different purposes. From ordinary bicycles that are meant for short travels and leisure rides; to racing bicycles specifically made for competitive racing and are comparatively lighter and comes with thin tyres and multiple gears for better performance.


The sport of mountain bicycling has gained popularity since it was first introduced during the 1970’s. It is the ultimate sport for those who love cycling and exploring the rugged outdoors. One can take up mountain bicycling just to enjoy the thrills of riding on a rugged countryside area or to participate in formal competitions, or simply enjoy it as a good form of exercise.



Mountain bicycles are manufactured specifically to withstand any harsh terrain and are usually fitted with special accessories for better performance. Often these bicycles are fitted with a gears system to facilitate easy ascending and descending on the slopes of the mountains, modified lightweight hand brakes to ensure better grip and instant braking and balloon type tires ensure a smoother ride.


But the most important factor that distinguishes best Mountain Bike brands of different bicycle types is the frame of the bicycle itself. If the user wants a bike for mountain biking, it has to be specifically made to surpassed a lot of rugged terrain; hence the frame has to be strong, durable, and yet lighter for easy manoeuvring. To help you decide on the right bicycle for your, here is a basic rundown on bicycle materials and parts.


The bicycle frame is a very important consideration when it comes to purchasing a mountain bike – it has to be extremely strong and at the same time has to be very light for easy movement. The basic structure of all frames is the same, the main difference being in the material used to construct them. Generally, frames are made either of carbon fibre, titanium or steel; the favourite of which being steel, as it is lightweight and sturdy and is widely used by most tube benders.


Although quite difficult to work with, titanium and carbon fibre are also common materials used for mountain bike frames. Titanium is similar to steel and aluminium but is comparatively lighter, and is scratch resistant and rust proof; while carbon fibre is made from the combination of aluminium and carbon fibre. A mixture of both is dipped in glue and is moulded in tubular form. Bike frames are constructed using these along with different metal curving techniques.


In the end, the cost of the bicycle also plays a very important role when it comes to purchasing a good mountain bicycle. Basically, the price of the bike depends on the material used for its construction. The most expensive bikes are mostly made of Titanium and carbon fibre frames, while the ones made of steel are relatively cheaper and widely available.


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