Mystery man stopped Diwali pollution in 5 sec

How Diwali brings Pollution? 

Diwali is color of lights ,were there is trend of bursting of huge firecrackers .
Many people are disturbed due to bursting of huge firecrackers till  Diwali season comes to end.
Even after midnight ,people try to burst huge firecrackers as they dont want to miss fun of firecrackers.

Who are responsible

Bursting of huge firecrackers is done by elders to kids ,so there is no age limit at all.
kids firecrackers
Without noise of firecrackers,they dont feel they are enjoying Diwali season.
so more the noise ,more is fun inspite of ill effects of air,noise Pollution.

Who are real victims

Even we say that there is recession,financial problems but people dont want to give up there
traditional belief.
As a result many helpless animals are hurt,many hospitals patients are disturbed just because no one
bans firecrackers,etc

Why government fails to ban firecrackers

Every government wants to choose those issues  to get elected again.
so even  if  government decide to ban firecrackers then people would never vote them again.
 diwali pollution
Its 2015 ,even though the pollution in world is serious issue ,indian  government still has no solution
to ban firecrackers.
Who can stop Diwali Pollution
Todays pollution problem are so grave that they can end  existence of human race or earth.
But people are busy in life so much that they just dont have time to think of this serious issues .
Many NGO,social organisation are awaking people  to stop problems of pollution in Diwali.
But if people dont want to understand  how pollution in Diwali  is effecting themselves then day may-
came were there is no Diwali but only pollution.
So who will  stop Diwali pollution in the 21st century ,do i need to say  that if you all really know the 
Mystery man who  stopped Diwali pollution


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