My psychiatric is video games , which is yours?



In our modern society, stress unfortunately has not become a medically social phenomenon, but a way of life as well. It is present in so many life spheres that people already start accepting it as a normal thing even though it is the main cause of many psychological and physical disorders.

video games

Our mission is to help people overcome this condition through video games, though not only as a way of human entertainment, but also for a much more ambitious matter. Every video game contains power in its concept, the power to focus our thoughts towards its theme and by doing this, to minimize all negative thoughts which annoy our minds. With this action, video games become a psychological treatment for people through an entertaining way.


We believe, that, while we play best video games store, our minds focus entirely on them, we think of the concepts they offer, we try to complete the goal of each video game and most importantly, we integrate our personalities in this virtual way of entertainment which on the other hand, offers us creative psychological feedback.


It is our opinion that video games should become a standard in modern social medicine, psychology and psychiatry. We used the term modern medicine because stress is also connected to our workplace, thus every worker needs to relax through games and entertainment after a hard day at work. This may sound idealistic, but it is due to various realistic circumstances that legal law approves of these methods.

Despite this important component of stress reduction, video games should also generally focus on reducing stress that is caused by many factors, and it can be only be done by collaboration between medicine and video game producers. With this arrangement, video games can contribute significantly in stress reduction as well as help medicine as a science and people themselves.


The advantages connected with this aspect of video games are countless for both children and adults. When you put aside all other psychological aspects of video games you can notice that they represent a very interesting channel that can transmit important messages. This is a great way to educate children about potentially harmful diseases and about medical prevention. It also helps adults to find out something important about a condition that they are facing or someone from their surrounding is in that situation. Video games with medical content can also be created in a way which will stimulate the brain to work harder and develop its cognitive functions even more. It is already proven that when an individual plays video games they forget about the problems they are facing in their real life and this brings them in an artificially created environment where they feel safe.


This is why we should implement messages in video games with positive contents that will reach their end destinations, called video game users. These messages should contain information about conditions caused by stress and methods on how to deal with it. By connecting video games to medicine, we could provide information about stress prevention, how to avoid it, and what should be done in terms of it. We believe that this capacity of video games will ease up the approach to stress reduction, but also become a standard in social medicine, sociology, psychology and psychiatry. Video games can be easily connected with medical and there is no reason why important medical messages shouldn’t be transmitted via one of the biggest potential news transport systems of today.



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