Top 7 Trends that are Leading the Development of Mobile Apps in 2019 and Beyond

If I ask you what you can foresee about mobile apps in the near or distant future, I am sure not many of my readers would be able to answer this question. The reason is simple: the prevalent trends often set the tone for the type of apps that we see for some time. For example, FaceApp is one of the most popular apps trending worldwide. While it is not a new app, its popularity has soared in the last few weeks. So, what are the reason for its success and similar apps? Let us analyze.

The use of messaging and fun apps, just like FaceApp is rampant nowadays. I hope you will find it difficult to identify even 2-3 friends who are not using a messaging app or an app like FaceApp. The reason is simple; a smartphone offers people a chance to remain in touch with their loved eons and interact with other people too, either socially or professionally.

Use of Mobile Apps

The use of mobile apps is very wide, as I have just mentioned only 2 types of apps in the introduction. If you dig down deep in the categories, you will find several apps which are really popular in, but only a certain target market uses it. Take the example of messaging apps as it is used by an overwhelming majority of smartphone users; over 90% use apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Gaming apps are used by teenagers and young adults the most as compared to certain other age groups. Angry Birds is one of the most popular apps in this category as a movie has already been released based on this app, and the other one is about to be released in 2019. So, you can easily guess what type of apps are going to dominate the marketplace, at least, shortly.

  1. Aggregator Apps Gaining Popularity

Apps that can organize content from various sources on the Internet and then integrate them into an easy-to-follow interface are also gaining popularity. As people don’t have much time in exploring through various websites, they love to have an app that can offer them everything they need in this concern. That’s one simple reason for the good popularity of this type of app.

  1. Hybrid-Monetization Models

Hybrid-monetization models like in-app purchases and in-app ads are also gaining popularity off late. In-app advertising can be a great way to make good money for developers. It is also going to be a great trend with the ap benefitting the company for which app is created in the long term. Even if they get the amount in cents, in 4-5 years that amount can reach to unimaginable heights.

  1. Payment Through Apps

Now, this is one of the fastest-growing trends in the market. Payment apps are also rowing, but the main competition for all of them is WhatsApp Pay, which is going to be huge in the coming few years. Just this stat will make your jaw drop: there are 400 million users of WhatsApp just in India, and they are currently waiting to get the regulators’ approval to operate. Once done, you can just imagine the revenue that will be generated from this huge market for WhatsApp.

So, without a shred of doubt, this will be a huge trend in 2019 and beyond so that there are many mobile app development companies will try to jump on the bandwagon. And instant messaging apps and others will also try to incorporate this into their app. Hence, this is certainly going to be a trend that will be followed across the globe.

  1. Powerful Smartphones a Boon for App Developers

In the early days of smartphones, the issue with low Ram and processing power made it impossible for anyone to have just a few apps on their phones. Nowadays, we have phones as much as 12 GB of RAM and over 512 GB of memory. This is just the scenario app developers were looking for so that they can cash-in.

With lightning-fast internet and 4G services, not to mention 5G services which are now available commercially in a few countries and regions like Switzerland and Hong Kong, it is going to be exciting days for developers as some or all types of apps mentioned above will be huge shortly.

  1. Instant Apps

Instant Apps is not a new thing as it was announced by Google in 2017 and has been in operation since then. The fact that Android apps can be run instantly without the need to be downloaded and installation make this the first choice for users looking to test an app but don’t want to install it. It allows them to use several apps without thinking once about the RAM they have and internal memory too.

  1. AR and VR Apps

The latest in app development are AR and VR apps, which are really cool to look at and are simply addictive. One prime example is the Pokémon Go, which was released in 2016 and became an instant rage. This AR-based game became a sensation and engaged users through its interesting gameplay and features.

On the other hand, Google introduced VR Gear back in 2014, and we have seen a drastic change in terms of performance and accessibility. VR-compatible apps and games are truly immersive and offer a great experience to the users.

  1. IoT and Smart Home and Driverless Cars

Smart Home and driverless cars are just two of the examples of IoT. The smart home is a reality with Uber, Tesla, and other companies trying hard to make driverless cars a reality too. With Smart Home, we can manage our entire home through an app and do things like checking what’s in our refrigerator and how much electricity you have consumed in a month.

Final Word

So, it is quite evident that these trends will have a big say in the development of a mobile app in the coming few years. Please ask any question you have in mind or offer your valuable feedback for this post in the comments section below.