Celebration of lights-Diwali Celebrations In Delhi


Delhi is said to represent a fusion of the whole of northern Indian culture. As a result, Diwali – the celebration of lights – is celebrated and embraced with great enthusiasm, passion, and show. There is a buzzing atmosphere in Delhi, way before the festival starts. Every building is set under the shining lights in a myriad of colours; from the Presidents and Prime Minister’s house, the Parliament House, ancient monuments and temples, as well as residents’ homes.


celebration of lights

The houses lit up in festival spirit, people in the national capital celebrates Diwali with gaiety and fervour bursting crackers, exchanging sweets as well as sharing the joy with the near and dear ones. You will find the houses and shops at their decorative best with numerous lights around the walls, donning the interiors of a house properly, colourful rangolis and numerous welcoming people at the entrances.


You will also find people flooding the market with frenzied shopping and early in the morning too you will find people rushing to different shops to buy attire for their friends and family along with bursting crackers and distributing sweets for the day.

Usually, you will find that the day begins with several people doing pujas at their homes with proper rituals. You will hear chants of prayers along with wafts of fragrances from different incense sticks from early in the morning. They even visit their friends, relatives and family members early in the morning. They even visit different sweet shops to send sweets across to their friends, relatives and family.

You will find many wishing their friends and family members on their various social media profiles. They also plan something exclusive for their friends, family and relatives.  You will also find various candles and lamps dotted around the house as you will find revellers take up open space to burst the crackers. You will also find the family members sending love and compassion to the other members of the family and relatives.

An integral part of the grand preparations for Diwali is shopping – something that the people of Delhi love to indulge in. Popular and well-known shopping destinations in Delhi include Chandi Chawk, Karol Bagh, and Kamla Market which are bursting with shoppers during the festive season of Diwali. They offer up countless Diwali gift options, giving shoppers a huge variety to choose from. The flocks of crowds at the various marketplaces is a time of prosperity for shopkeepers, who often up their prices during Diwali.

Diwali season commences with the advent of Dussehra. The tradition of flamboyant Ram Lila arrangements is quite unusual to Delhi culture. This is a dramatized portrayal of the Ramayana and honours the triumph of good over evil. From the festival of Dussehra, Diwali Melas start cropping up all over the town. They offer elaborate celebrations including food stalls, big swings, puppets, clowns, juggling shows, and henna stalls. Everywhere you go you will find compassion and love everywhere.

Diwali marks the beginning of the financial New Year, which is very relevant to the people of Delhi as it is the centre of business community in north India. Prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi to make the year ahead full of prosperity, monetary gains and peace. For Lakshmi Puja, silver plated coins are placed in milk and then presented to the feet of the goddess. All the followers perform arti of deity Lakshmi at the end of the Puja rituals. Every puja is being performed with great fervor.

Diwali-celebration of lights in Delhi are special and unique in their own way. If you are lucky enough to be in Delhi during Diwali season, you can witness the enthusiasm and vibrancy first hand. If you are in the UK’s capital this Diwali, you can still be part of the buzz. There are plenty of celebrations taking place throughout London, and an exceptional Indian meal will make your Diwali one to remember. Veeraswamy, established in 1926 and located overlooking London’s Regent Street, will take care of you, making your night very special. Make sure to try the Raj Kachori which is one of Veeraswamy’s signature dishes, which takes humble street food to a whole new level, producing a dish that is fit for a king.


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