46% of all Google Searches are Local – Local SEO can do exceptional wonders for your business

46% of all Google Searches are Local – Local SEO can do exceptional wonders for your business

And as a result, the internet world is also evolving at a rapid rate. Almost half of the population of the whole world uses the internet on a daily basis. In short, around 3.5 billion online searches take place every day, i.e., approx. 1.2 trillion searches are performed annually on Google. And in this tough contest, it is very important to secure a good ranking in search results. You are racing with a lot of invisible competitors online. It gets tougher by the minute.

Growing threat of Digital Competition

Consequently, Google is considered to be the largest online marketplaces that can help any online business get the right amount of exposure. And the demand for search engine optimization (SEO) has increased in the market. Every single individual wants to market their business digitally.

To get more visibility, one has to get ranks of their websites on the first pages of Google. This will result in more traffic, more conversions, and eventually, increased revenue. Getting to the first page of the search results is essential as 75% of Google users don’t even click past the first page.

Power of Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is a direct step to expand the local business. If you have a business which is confined to a particular area or to a few areas instead of being set up nation-wide, local SEO is all you need. Optimization of your content using local SEO brings out the best results as most of the traffic driven to your site includes those who are actually interested in your services.

Almost 97% of the people search for services available near them instead of services they need and are available nation-wide. This clearly demonstrates the importance of optimizing your content to show up on local searches.

Breaking Out the Local Challenges

We know that the process of optimizing your website content is tacky. It is impossible to carry it out individually, without no or very little knowledge about the process. It is, therefore, advisable to hire an advanced Edmonton SEO company which deals in Local SEO Optimization. It is so because an SEO company is well versed with the process and known which measures to take. Every time different problems come up. Not the same strategies work for every problem coming up. We use different tools to overcome various problems. We also take care of your goals. Your goals may vary from someone else’s goals. Obviously, not everyone aims the same. We, therefore, customize our services for you. We aim at proffering you the best service.

Best SEO Company Canada for premium assistance

Many unethical tactics can be used by your competitors to put you down. But, we make sure that their actions do not affect your website’s performance. Our premium Edmonton SEO services fortify you do not face any such problems further. We also guide you to take steps in case of such cases and help you to outperform your competitors. We assist you to expand your business and climb up on Google’s ranking in no time.


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