The Awesome taste Of Chicken Caesar Salad In Edmonton

The Awesome taste Of Chicken Caesar Salad In Edmonton

Salads are the best when it comes to working on your health. They are the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. And Chicken Caesar salad is the best of all. It is full of greens and high in protein. All in all, you get everything that your body needs from one bowl of salad. And no place serves better salad than Pizza106.

Authentic Chicken

If you are looking for an authentic Chicken Caesar salad in Edmonton, you should definitely visit Pizza106. They serve the best salad. All their food is well balanced and rich in nutrients. If you want to eat something light and fresh, walk into your nearest outlet of Pizza106. And they will definitely blow your mind. Their salad is properly flavoured and made of fresh ingredients.

Use of fresh Ingredients

At Pizza106, only fresh ingredients are used. And all their vegetables are properly chopped and diced to give it a neat look. In their version of authentic Caesar salad, they mix lettuce, croutons and eggs. For flavouring, they use things like lemon juice, anchovies, garlic and Dijon mustard. Rich in content and highly nutritious, their chicken Caesar salad has a lot to offer.

Use of rich flavours

Chicken Caesar salad at Pizza106 is full of rich ingredients. The flavouring agents that are used are extensive, which generates an authentic flavour in the salad. This is what Pizza106 is all about. The kind of service you get at Pizza106 is unique in itself. Infused with such amazing flavours and seasoning, their chicken Caesar salad is the best in Edmonton.

Order in whenever you feel like

You can always walk into your nearest Pzza106 outlet. But if you are busy or simply not in a mood to go out, you can always order in. Just call them up and place your order. You can even contact us via our website. Simply browse through the menu on our website and choose the pizza that delights you. And we will be there with your favourite pizza and salad.

Good for your health

If you are looking for a way to improve your health, there is nothing better than a salad. And Chicken Caesar salad is the best salad to consume. It is enriched with protein which comes from the chicken and eggs. And at the same time, essential and non-essential fats are added to your salad preparation in the right proportion. This helps maintain your cholesterol balance.


We know that pizza alone is a whole food. But having sides improve your meal experience. This is the reason why Pizza106 has the best Chicken Caesar salad in Edmonton. Their salad has balance and is made from the richest ingredients. You can walk in and enjoy this salad at the restaurant. Or else you can order in and have us deliver this amazing salad to your doorsteps. So what are you waiting for, visit their website ASAP!


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