Maintaining Septic tank service offers a perfect well being for all

Maintaining Septic tank service

A septic tank is a vital provision to have for all households and commercial businesses to enjoy a highly hygienic environment. Along with dealing with the safe waste transportation from the adjacent site, a septic tank also takes care of the hygienic aspect arising from septic waste. As a result, septic tank service serve as an imperative means to support a property that does not have a sewage plant. The design of such tanks depends on several factors such as number of users, average annual temperature, water quantity used per capita, the frequency of pumping and properties of the wastewater.

Septic tank serviceEffective functions of septic tanks

While comparatively simple in both construction as well as operation, septic tank service offer manifold essential functions via complex interaction of biological and physical processes. Some of the effective functions of septic tanks include receiving every wastewater from the home, decompose faecal matter via breaking it into gases and liquids and pass the effluent (clarified wastewater) out in the drain field both for final treatment as well as disposal.

The hygienic facet of septic tank

As a septic tank is extensively utilized for treating wastewater in many areas, maintenance and proper installation are vital with respect to the environment and public health. Absence of healthy bacterial inhabitants in one’s septic system, the following three vital layers is likely to get unbalanced thereby leaving one with myriad problems namely septic back-up into the household area, soggy leach fields and overflow into their yard. The most serious consequence of a failing septic system is the probability for serious health hazards from the improperly treated and leaking waste. Improper functioning of a septic tank can expose human beings, plants and wildlife to water containing viruses and diseases. As a result proper maintenance of such tanks is of utmost importance.

Basic maintenance tips

Periodic maintenance is a key idea to keep septic tanks in good working condition. Septic tank like an automobile is designed for effective and long-term household waste treatment when operated as well as maintained properly. Most systems however fail prematurely owing to improper maintenance and this can impact the plumbing system as a whole. If one does not have their septic system pumped and serviced, they are not only at the risk of damage but also at the risk of replacement. This can result in enormous amount spent on repair, replacements and permits. Following these tips will work wonders.


Prevent overloading the system
Avoid using the garbage disposal and also prevent dumping coffee grounds in the drain
Avoid using cloth washers and dishwashers at the time of shower
Prevent putting feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, cigarette butts or toilet papers down the toilet
Avoid disposing any form of toxins or household chemicals in the septic system. The more debris which enters inside the tank, the lesser room it is likely to have and sooner one will require pumping it. Oils and fats poured in the drain will coagulate the tank thereby clogging the pipes.
The rugged construction and regular maintenance of septic tanks keeps the environment healthy which is perfect for one’s well being.


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