6 Things about Broadbeach that Will Ensure You Have a Wild Time


A tourist attraction that guarantees fun for all, Broadbeach lies on the famous Gold Coast in Queensland. The town has a maniacal frenzy of events, parties, festivals and entertainment vistas happening day and night. Its beautiful beaches summon all those who enjoy the sun and sand.

For lovers of fun, there is simply no limit to how much of it they can grab during their stay in Broadbeach.


And if visiting the intoxicating vacation spot is luckily on your agenda, it will benefit you to know a few basic things about the town. Read below to make your stay comfortable and

1) Finding the Right Broadbeach Accommodation

Broadbeach is well equipped with accommodation options. The best Australian hotel and resort chains have their setups here. Besides these, the local lodgings are available in plenty and offer a good service level at affordable prices. They cater to all categories of travelers like families,couples, college students, and business people. If you love to watch the sea, you can find hundreds of hotel rooms in Broadbeach overseeing the sea, giving you spectacular views.

2) Visiting the Best Places to Dine

Broadbeach is the numero uno eating destination. If you love food, you will have an amazing stay in this town that has the best international cuisines by the best chefs on offer. There are numerous eateries, restaurants, bistros, champagne salons, patisseries, and formal dining joints that you can choose from. Take a stroll on surf parade and explore more options of cuisine and dining styles that appeal to you.

3) Grabbing All Opportunities for Entertainment in the Suburb

Celebrating festivals of different cultures around the world, organizing theatre, travel expos,and musical concerts – Broadbeach will not let you get bored; nor will it miss out on any important international cultural event. During your stay in the town, it is going to be hard to not be able to find opportunities for entertainment at any time of the year. Amusement activities are planned around all categories of visitors, be it young children, sports enthusiasts, art and culture appassionato, or travel lovers. In case you wish to attend a particular event, search for its schedule and plan your travel to coordinate with the dates – the amazing crowd and the high-end performances will be worth your time and effort.

4) Attending Fabulous Events During Your Stay

Music, fireworks, lights – events in Broadbeach feature state-of-the-art technology and involve the finest of event planners and performers in Australia. An agency called Broadbeach Alliance takes the onus of organizing event calendars. Find out about the upcoming events and plan your itinerary accordingly to get a fair chance at attending them at ease.

5) Indulging Your Love for Shopping

If shopping makes you happy, visit Broadbeach’s world famous Pacific Fair. The complex has over 300 stores and boutiques where you can have a divine shopping experience. Local designers as well as many significant international labels have a strong presence in Pacific Fair.Besides clothes and jewelry shops, the art shops will catch your attention. Take home souvenirs and other lovely pieces of art from one of these stores featuring the most exquisite of art collection in all of Australia.Aria, Niecon Plaza, the Oasis Shopping Center, and the Phoenician are other excellent shopping arcades in Broadbeach that you must explore.

6) Planning an Event

If you want to have a destination event – personal or professional, few other places can beat Broadbeach. It has many hotels and convention centers that have the credibility to host events for you at any scale. You can book your stay in the same hotel as the event venue for your guests,as many high-end hotels of Broadbeach have their own conference rooms, banquet halls, and convention centers.

Broadbeach is a versatile seaside town where you can get oodles of amusement for all age groups, and also sufficient facilities for business meetings. Read more about the town to discover all the goodies it has in store for you.


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