Making Sure You Have The Packing Materials For Your Needs

If your business relies on the safe transportation of hazardous or difficult packing material company, it can be a dilemma ensuring that they arrive safely and that you have complied with all the necessary regulations. At the same time, doing the above with the most economical results is sought after as well.

Protective Packaging To The Rescue
Adequate protective packaging is the solution to giving your consignment the best chance of reaching its destination intact. Using plastic or steel drums rated to UN specifications will ensure that your business practices remain as safe as possible and keep you on the right side of the shipping regulations. Likewise, materials which are unlikely to perish or fail during transportation will above all protect your bottom line, keeping you free from needing to replace lost or damaged goods.

Moving Liquids
Safe transportation of liquids, no matter how potentially dangerous can be a difficult and risky operation. The failure of only one of the containers can have massive consequences for the rest of the consignment, so appropriate and strong packaging options are a must. Using a combination of drums and jerrycans you can give your consignment the best chance of reaching its destination. Jerrycans which are rated to the relevant UN standard for transportation of liquids are a great way to transport liquids which need to be divided into smaller quantities, from 2.5 litres right up to 25 litres. For larger quantities, drums are likely to be more appropriate, with tight head drums starting from 60 litres and going up to a spacious 220 litre size. Tight head drums are so called because the lid cannot be removed; access to the contents is through an opening in the top of the drum. Open headed drums have lids which can be removed in their entirety and start at a relatively small five litre size, moving right up to the full 220 litre capacity.

When Plastic Just Won’t Do
For safe transportation of liquids that cannot be moved in a plastic container, steel is a light and strong alternative. Similar to plastic, it is possible to specify drums in a wide range of styles and sizes, suitable for a wide range of materials and quantities.

Whether needing a full steel drum, with a capacity of over 200 litres to transport large quantities of oil or other combustible materials, or your business needs to transport quantities as low as one litre, it is possible to find safe steel containers to fulfil your needs.

Other Hazardous Materials
Whatever the business need, when transporting hazardous materials, ensuring that the correct packaging containers are specified is not just sensible, it is often mandatory and punishable with huge fines if not adhered to. It is not uncommon for businesses to be fined should their packaging and moving materials not comply with the relevant legislation in place to ensure their transportation occurs safely. Ensuring that you are familiar with the legislation surrounding your key business areas will help you know precisely what materials are required.

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