Gurgaon, one of the leading commercial cities in India


Gurgaon is a significant commerce city in central India. The city is a part of Haryana state and is a major source of revenue to the state. It is one of the largest and richest cities in India and is equipped with every aspect of modernization. Meanwhile brimming with overflowing tourist attractions and allures the city is also growing as a popular tourist destination. Visit the city to explore all facets of its, and for accommodations choose from the best hotels in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is a leading commerce hub in central India. Situated in the state of Haryana the city is one of the satellite cities of the nation’s capital, New Delhi. The city is the second largest city in Haryana and is one amongst the richest cities in India. The distance between the city and New Delhi is about 32 km, but it never feels like the two cities are separate individual cities. It is so because the NH 8 or the Gurgaon-Delhi expressway connects both the cities in an extremely well manner. Meanwhile, the city is about 280 km away from Chandigarh, which is the capital of the parent state. The city is a part of National Capital Region and is one of the leading hubs of commerce and industrialization. It has a growing infrastructure and is replete of every aspect of modernization. The recorded per capita income of the city is the third highest in India. The city is primarily recognized for the MNCs and BPOs. However, there are numerous other companies engaged in multiple industries dotting the different parts of the city.

Gurgaon leading commercial cities  India

In the meantime, before the city was introduced to modernization, it was basically composed of villages with people primarily engaged in farming and animal husbandry. Most of the regions were covered by deciduous forests and marshlands, and the rest were occupied by farmlands. The name of the city is the distorted version of Guru Gaon,which means the “village of Gurus or teachers”. According to a well-known legend, during the era of Mahabharata, the Pandavas and the Kauravas gifted the city, which then was a village, to their warfare teacher Guru Dronacharya, as a token of respect and gratitude. Note that, the ancient village still exists in the city.

Meanwhile, before the city fell under the reign of the British India, Gurgaon and the neighbouring regions were ruled by the Jadaun and Yaduvanshi Rajputs, who were succeeded by the Mughals. During the British Raj the city was a part of Punjab province, and continued to stay the same after the independence of India. It was later in the year 1966, when the city was declared a part of Haryana state after the formation of the new state.

The contemporary Gurgaon is the representation of all the progress which the country has made. The establishment of one of the automobile manufacturing plants of Maruti Suzuki India Limited in the 1970s, marked the first step of the city towards modernization. The company is the country’s one of the largest and most profitable automobile companies. Meanwhile, following the company several other large and small companies established their offices, headquarters, and plants in the city in the latter years. Today, the city is filled with companies, banks, and other commercial bodies. Records state that today there exists above 250 Fortune 500 Companies in the city. The DLF Cyber City is one of the largest and major commercial hubs of the city.

The Real Estate is one sector of Gurgaon that gained prominence in past few decades. The city is rapidly getting filled with plush residencies and flats. It is one of the up-market cities in India, and houses a populous that has a luxurious taste towards life and other pleasures. The luxuriant malls are one of the prime attributes that define the city. Most of these are multifarious as they simply offer more than just conventional shopping. At the shopping malls, one can entertain himself by watching movies at the multiplexes, treat himself with sumptuous food at the best restaurants or food joints, and play games at the gaming arcades. For shopping, these malls are replete of anchor stores for many international and national brands. Other than that, there are large number of entertainment centres, housing speciality stores, restaurants, and some of the best hotels in Gurgaon.

Replete with all the parameters of modernization the city is also growing in terms of tourism. Given the close proximity to Delhi, Chandigarh, Agra, and certain other major cities in central India, the city receives an increasing influx of travellers. The good thing is that Gurgaon houses just enough allures, attractions, and pleasures that will satisfy every visitor of its. Some of the most popular attractions of the city that are not to be missed when in the city include: Fun ‘n’ Food Village, Leisure Valley, iSKATE, Kingdom of Dreams, Stellar Children’s museum, Aapno Ghar Amusement Park, Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, Aliwardi Masjid, and the modern malls of the city.
Additionally, if one has some leisure time, there are a couple of interesting places around the city that are perfect for excursions. The most significant ones include: Badshahpur, Nuh, Farrukhnagar Fort, Ferozepur Jhirka, Baoli Ghaus Ali Shah, Damdama Lake, and Qutub Khan’s Tomb. The good thing is that there are a number of travel companies that offer tour of these sites. Besides, since there exists excellent connectivity to these tourist sites, so accessing them is easy. There are taxis, cabs, auto rickshaws available. Plus, there exist some good 3 Star hotels in Gurgaon that also offer transportation facilities to these sites.


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