10 Proven Ways to Increase Online Food Delivery Sales in 2022

10 Proven Ways to Increase Online Food Delivery Sales in 2022

The pandemic was a system-wide shock, and habits had changed forever. And as things recover, food delivery and carryout have become new opportunities for restaurant owners to regain their market share.

Online food ordering is no longer an additional facility, but retaining your business’s online presence is essential. To stay sustainable in the present digital world, you need the best online ordering system for your restaurant.

If you want to learn how to increase your food delivery sales, then this blog will surely help you.

For a restaurant business owner, the main concern is getting more food delivery orders and expanding their business. Read this blog to discover the top 10 proven and innovative ways to help you grow your food delivery sales.

10 Tips to Improve Food Delivery Sales

Great Customer Experience

The most important tactic to improve food delivery sales should be providing a great customer experience. People care about how the food and drink taste, but they care more about how you make them feel.

If you make them feel great, they will repeat their food orders and even share them with other people.

Word of mouth is still highly effective to build or damage the reputation of your food delivery business. If your services are not up to the mark giving customers a bad experience, they will share it with everyone spreading a negative image reputation for your food delivery business. So, make sure your customers only share positive and happy experiences.

Your restaurant’s food delivery services will help you deliver fast and smoothly. Thus, boosting the customer experiences and, eventually, your food delivery sales.

2. Professional Food Photos

Get a professional food and architecture photo shoot done for your restaurant dishes and meals you serve. You can hire a professional photographer and see the difference in the picture quality. Make sure the food photographs you add are professional and presentable. Great-looking food attracts more orders and food delivery sales.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer, you can use online tools like Snapseed to turn your phone-clicked images into high-definition professional photographs.

However, investing in a professional photo shoot is an investment worth making, and you can use those pictures for two-three and grab the best ROI. You can use these pictures on your menu, social media, and Website.

3. SEO-Optimized Website

Your restaurant website is the opportunity to impress your customers; thus, it must always be up to date. The Website shouldn’t be complicated or hard to navigate.

Optimize your restaurant website for accurate and complete information, SEO, location, and images. What you should add to your website- adding directions, food menu, and contact information is a must.

For instance, people are on your Website and looking for your website location, scrolling down, but they can’t find it. They look at the images of the popular food dishes but still can’t find them.

Then, it will negatively impact them, and they will switch to one of your competitor’s websites. If their Website is optimized for accurate details and SEO, they will get the conversions successfully.

Your website must be mobile-friendly as in today’s world, almost everyone is using their phones to scroll and figure out where to eat. So, you have more chances of conversions if it is compatible with mobile.

If you want your website to pop up every time a customer searches for the cuisines you offer, you must optimize it for SEO. You can hire an SEO professional to help you update your website.

For instance, you must optimize your website with keywords like burgers in Pune if you sell burgers. So, your website will show up whenever a customer searches for burgers in Pune.

4. Review Sites

Review sites are the major player in helping people decide to choose the right restaurant.

According to a study, more than 35% of people deciding where to eat check review sites before making that decision.

Whenever anyone searches for a restaurant, review sites show the ratings of many restaurants. And if a restaurant has a 4.5 or 3.5-star rating and has positive comments from users, you decide they have cool offerings. So, this is the power of review sites and what people rely on when deciding.

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media is the top area and platform that people use to decide where to eat, and it dictates how they shop nowadays. So make sure you post beautifully appealing pictures of your food.

Post videos of how you prepare your food or shop for your food to get more traction. Videos are more engaging and appealing than pictures. And another important and effective tool to use is Instagram stories.

You can create behind the scene stories on how you purchase ingredients for your restaurant. You can also cover your restaurant chef preparing the food. So then, it’s a much more behind-the-scenes, exclusive, and insider feel.

Use more interactive features of Instagram, such as stickers for polls, questions, and opinions. You can also thank your customers who post about their restaurant by reposting.

6. Host Events

You can reach out to talented people who look for opportunities to showcase their talent. Connect and ask them to host events at your restaurant. For example, you invite tattoo artists to come to your restaurant and host an event.

In turn, they bring in their customers, and when their customers come, you can provide them with your services, expose your brand to them, and cross-promote. It is a great way to stay relevant and get more food delivery sales during the slower times.

7. Update your Menu for Season Specials

Create an appealing menu for your food delivery business with attention-grabbing food images. Keep updating the menu with new dishes for different meal times.

You can also add an extra factor to your menu with seasonal dishes. The limited period offers naturally attract customers as they find them exclusive and don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy anything from the limited edition.

8. Food Packaging

Pay attention to the way you package and deliver your food. Ensure your delivery services are fast, safe, hygienic, and satisfying for your customers. You can easily create and increase your brand’s credibility with swift and effective services.

Check your delivery times and the radius in which you offer delivery services. If you are serving at longer distance areas, you will have to double-check that the food is hot and fresh to the customers. If they get the food cold and tasteless, it might become your final delivery to that customer.

Additional touches in the food packaging can give your restaurant an added advantage. Free napkins or thankyou work wonders to appeal to customers to repeat their food delivery orders, thus, increasing your sales.

9. Exclusive Offers

Customers love discounts and exclusive offers, and serving them with what they love will create a positive customer experience. You can offer discount coupons, run loyalty programs, or referral rewards to keep their interest. It will entice your customers to repeat their orders, thus, increasing your food delivery sales.

10. Use Google My Business

Another strategy to increase food delivery sales is to update your Google my business. Google is favoring all the businesses that have filled in all their attributes. For example, if you have free parking or not, if you have your updated hours or not, if you are dog friendly or not. So filling in as many attributes as possible within the system allows Google to favor you more.

For instance, a regular consumer would go on Google and search for top Shanghai food. Only restaurants will pop up that have updated their Google my business.

Upload beautiful high-definition pictures to entice people to order from them. Reply to their emails, feedback, and reviews to make them feel confident about ordering food from that restaurant.


Online food delivery system is helping restaurants reach out to new and a wide range of customers. Make sure your food delivery services are efficient and updated. Hope the above tips on increasing your food delivery sales will help you earn more profits and revenue.


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