Recognition and Business Basics

Basic business fundamentals
Over the past 2 years, the WooBoard team has learnt a great deal about the benefits of constant recognition in the workplace and we’ve finally managed to nail them down into a few key areas:
Create a fun and friendly working atmosphere: a welcoming workplace is a comfortable workplace. Building a business culture with these traits creates a strong buffer over employee dissatisfaction.
Enhance employee morale: even if it’s for the smallest tasks, recognition enables workers to realize they did not just ‘a good job’ but also ‘the right job’! Employees should be excited to come to work, not dread it.
Increase motivation: – recognition removes negativity and drives workers to succeed further. When everyone is being propelled in the same direction, business goals and vision can be fulfilled.
Be a leader with IMPACT: recognize a good idea, instill confidence and solve complex problems with your team. Generate meaning out of tasks even if they are as simple as asking an employee to write a blog post. An engaged workplace is a productive workplace, recognizing effort creates impact and shows results every step of the way.
Collaborate and innovate: what beats a singular effort? A team effort! Solve complex problems quicker, easier, faster and better. When you save time and resources, you save money. Encouraging teamwork and communication ignites clarity in decision-making. Teams should utilize SMART goal setting (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) to ensure maximum efficiency.
If your product isn’t performing well: Break it, fix it, tweak it, change it, upgrade it! A good product is one that fulfills a need, a great product is one that fulfills it better than others – beat your competitors to a pulp!
[Positive] feedback is everything: smart and innovative products don’t just pop out from thin air; they arrive from innovation and teamwork! Its always important as a manager to criticize constructively, make feedback constant and ensure your employees can FLEARN (learning from failing).
Make recognition constant: there are many other forms of recognition than the simple ‘good job’ and ‘thank you’. Some firms implement a ‘recognition wall’ full of post-it notes, but with the tech savvy generations of X, Y and Z its crucial to have something that is simple and can be used regularly, so why not try WooBoard – one of the most convenient, fun and sociable employee recognition platforms ever!


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