Why Fake Luxury Market is Growing

Why Fake Luxury Market is Growing

Fake luxury market is growing day by day, with time these fake products are getting very sophisticated. It’s not easy to differentiate between a fake and an original product, which are directly encouraging people to create more fake branded things. Recently some of the big consignments were seized in Korea which were containing fake branded products of various brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Nike, Adidas and many more.

Fake Luxury Market


Luxury markets are especially targeted because people are fascinated towards luxury things. Even a first copy which is a replica of an original is in high demand and cost around 20% of the original. A 100% original Rolex cost around £1000 the fake will cost £50-150 maximum or even lesser than that. Thus the price in which you will buy one Rolex you can enjoy and fool people around you with 10 different Rolex watches. The dial will be same, the functions will be the same the only difference between them will be that one is branded and another is a copy/clone. People who know what a luxury brand is can understand the difference between a fake one and an original one. Just like in case of luxury bag Hermes Birkin, a real one is made up of crocodile skin, whereas a fake one does not.

Fake luxury market is growing because of the people who are not financially strong to buy original products, which cost around twice of their annual income or even more. But to fulfill their desire they buy clones, which cost less and are easily available. Fake luxury things are in good demand and due to this many companies in Asia are already shut down. The reason was while copying the brands fake brand manufacturers have already reached to the next level where they are producing better product than the original one.

One common question people usually ask about “a Luxury product is the value for money?” In one line yes they are. A fake product or a clone never involves high quality material, that’s why they are cheap. Just like you can buy a silver band with artificial diamond but you can’t compare that with a platinum band with pure cut diamond. May be silver polished, washed, oxidized or treated through many techniques to make it look like platinum but it will never replace the original one. Similarly it’s easy to make clones with cheap and look alike things, buying such things will be a total waste of money. If you buy original luxury products you will get full value of money with satisfaction.

Due to continued enhancement in fake products its demand is increasing. Now people have lots of choices in fake products as well. E-commerce websites are also encouraging all such products so you can find first copy of all luxury brands even online, with free home delivery and easy cash back. These are some key drivers of fake luxury products in market.

Fake products are somewhere encouraged by people who like them but on other hand it’s embarrassing for those who are buying original products by paying 10-20 times more. Obviously if you are carrying 2000 pounds bag and find people who are carrying same bag which cost less than 100 pounds you will feel cheated by brands. Every luxury brand gives you surety that this design is copyright protected and even many times they claim the only one piece in world.


Fake luxury market is not only responsible for bringing down the business of many brands but also responsible for destroying the interest of potential buyers in original luxury bags. There is a need to stop promoting fake brands and stop buying them, if you are not able to buy a new one you can even buy it from first buyer. There are so many websites who provides old luxury bags online on a very competitive price. So now those who has to buy luxury branded things and can’t afford them can buy used luxury products. For instance if you want to buy an Apple I-Phone which actually not fits your budget, you may go with a clone which will cost almost half of the new one.  But buying a clone will be waste of money because clone will not come under any warrantee. You may be not aware with the fact that cheap or duplicate electronic items can cause casualty while connected to electric socket. Every mobile now a days pass so many tests to ensure their material, radiations, earpiece etc are eco friendly and not harmful for users. No one checks these things while creating a clone. So stop buying all such fake product, as these products can affect your health, environment and will be a waste of money.

You can find some original good branded products which will give you value for money, satisfaction in the budget. Like if you are in India buying a Fast track bag or a Baggit bag will give you value for money with satisfaction in budget. Whereas buying a clone of Louis Vuitton in same price will be waste of money.


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