Slow Postal Service Can Be Too Costly For Small Businesses


Originally posted on February 3, 2020 @ 11:24 am

For any business delivering goods to customers, within the UK or courier international abroad, cost-efficient, reliable services are crucial. Customer service is important to many businesses, so reliability is worth lots to them. Using private firms can be advantageous. This article outlines why that might be the case. 
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Scheduled Secure Delivery 
With the regular postal service, once your package leaves your hands, there are many opportunities for things to go against the ‘plan.’ Using a courier company, you can be certain that your consignment will be looked after and delivered on time. Sometimes, you can even specify what time it arrives. Given the amount of competition in the industry, logistics firms are working especially hard to ensure packages arrive on time
Safety For The Product 
If shipping is your business, you are ready for anything that might get in the way of making that delivery. Trust your delivery to an expert who has specially designed containers to protect shipments from accidental damage, or from the weather. 
Save Time And Money 
If you need a service regularly, or can commit to sending a certain number of packets over a period of time, rates can be discounted. That can mean it soon becomes a cost-effective way of transporting goods, both financially and in terms of value for money. 
Other courier international Services 
Couriers are always looking to improve their service so there are often other services on offer: 
– Packaging services, to ensure your shipment arrives safely 
– Tracking. Modern technology allows customers to see where their goods are at any time 
– Door-to-door service 
– Signature proof of delivery 
– Same day delivery 
– Often a 24 hour service 
Let The Experts Take Care Of It 
As the owner of a small business, you are tied up with your product or idea and making sure your customers know how wonderful it is. If you are a larger business, you are able to employ ‘experts’ in finance, marketing, sales etc. Either way, a reliable courier can take the weight off your mind and allow you to focus on the elements that will make your business grow. Why not send an employee in a car? Well, a person missing from your system or production line means your company is working below capacity. Training someone how to handle all the delivery procedures is likely to be more expensive than using the courier. 
There are instances where a courier might not be the right option but it is almost always worth enquiring. Specialist industrial equipment etc will need specialist freight shippers, but for the majority of small businesses, a motorbike or car courier will be adequate. If you are shipping overseas, the reassurance of using the same company from start to finish can be a great comfort for both vendor and customer. Cheap couriers in the UK can be a great asset to your business, too, even if your business is not international. The term, “lost in the post” needn’t be something you ever have to use when speaking to your customers! 
Tom Campbell writes on a regular basis regarding business-related topics for several websites and blogs. He runs a small manufacturing company selling direct to customers. Without a middle-man, he uses cheap couriers UK to get products to customers.

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