5 Amazing Facts about Custom 59 Fifty Hats

59 Fifty Hats definitely help in adding an extra bit of charm to your personality. They truly represent class and sophistication. Designed according to current fashion trends, they are equally good for both men and women.
Below mentioned are 5 amazing facts about them:
Found In Numerous Varieties
These hats are considered to be true symbol of quality. They are found in innumerable colours, patterns and design. Thus, it becomes easy to choose according to individual need and requirements. Worn for several reasons, they are extremely durable and long lasting. They can be matched with your attire without much difficulty. They can be worn if an individual is running short on time to fix up their hair. Before buying one, make sure it complements the looks and appearance. They are perfectly  fitted hats sizes and are used to hide the frizzy hair or bald patches.
It Has Flexible Uses
They are very flexible in use. They can easily be customized according to taste, preference and budget of a person. Various designs or names can be imprinted on them to give a personal touch. They also serve as a great marketing tool. Businesses regularly employ them during their marketing and advertising campaigns.
Proper Cleaning and Maintenance Is Needed
They produce long lasting results provided they are cleaned and maintained properly. When not in use, they are supposed to be kept in a closet. They are to be protected from dust, lint or pet hair with help of a cloth.
Rolling pin tapes can be used to eliminate dust or tint. Though this is the easiest and efficient option, a duct tape or masking tape are also good alternatives. Just take care of the edges in the tapes while cleaning a mild or white collared cap. Any misjudgement can make the cap dirtier than was the situation when you started.
Fingerprint stains are very common in them. They are typically found on mild collared caps on the invoice. This is the result of fingers being use for taking cap on and off. Using some techniques and methods of preventative motion can be helpful. The best way to achieve this would be not to seize outside of a cap when you use it off. Likewise, make sure your arms are clean before putting the cap on or taking it off.
When dirty, the cleaning should be done with a cleansing detergent or a gentle soap. This aids in preventing dis-coloration of the cap. Alternatively, moist a washcloth and lightly scrub the dirty places in the cap. The same thing gets repeated till the dirt disappears.
Sweat stains add to the dilemma of individuals wearing these caps. Unlike other types of stains, they do not go away with spot cleansing. Hand washing is the only alternative. This can be done with heat soapy water followed by a light scrubbing with a soft cloth. Avoid submerging the entire cap into the water as it might distort its shape.
Factors to Be Kept In Mind before Choosing
These hats are undeniably very helpful in making a style statement provided they are worn with right pair of glasses and apparel. They are made of different materials and each material has its distinct features. Meant to give suitable protection from the sunlight, they are designed excellently. This ensures the salt water avoids damaging the soft sole found in it. 
They function on Cool Base Performance Technology. This adds many functional traits to it. They have superior fast-dry ability. Therefore, when exposed to salt water or sweat, they dry instantly. They are also shrink resistant which helps them retain their shape. Sportsmen usually throw them in the athletic bags or sports lockers during their practice or game session. Despite this, they are able to retain their colour and last longer. On the contrary, the caps made from cotton or wool are likely to shrink and sustain damages.
These caps are found to be made of 100% polyester. However, most people prefer to buy them not due to the functionalities they offer but the style and fashion elements they contain. Therefore, they are presently found in 100% wool variety as well. They are also available in combination of wool and cotton having the ratio of 70:30. Looking fashionable and stylish has now become easier and convenient. Found in innovative designs, they give a cool appearance and make the individual feel as a style icon.
Where And How To Buy Them?
Internet is the best platform to find them in different brands and different prices. Just make sure to buy from a genuine online store to get real value of money invested. While buying them from a local store, checking the hologram is a must. This can be easily found in the inner most side of the brim of custom 59 fifty hats or customize new era hats. Absence of this signifies the product to be a fake one. The tag of the brand, logo and the stitches should be verified in greater details to make sure the product is a real one.

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