Anniversary Gift Ideas that Will Definitely Knock Your Partner’s Socks Off

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If you are newly married and the enjoyment of your life with your partner has not been rendered the term “old” yet, then your first anniversary is definitely the time where you should be looking at spending a considerable amount of time thinking about what to do and what to present. It is apparent that your first wedding anniversary gift will precede all the other gifts that are bound to come and it will also denote how happy and satiated you are with your married life. But anniversaries doesn’t have to be necessarily for those people who are married, if you have been in a steady relationship for the past one year and you absolutely are exhilarated with the feeling being loved, then you should also celebrate the first anniversary of being together.

Anniversary Gift Ideas


To ensure that you bestow the deepest feelings to your partner and alongside present them with a beautiful anniversary gift, take a look at the below listed unique and beautiful anniversary gift ideas.

1.    Visit a new place together

On your anniversary, there will be nothing more romantic and virtually more pleasing to your relationship counterpart than taking them to a new location which is strewn with exotic delicacies and is embellished with beautiful scenarios. While you may not subscribe to the idea of taking her out to far distance, mild activities near your vicinity such as hiking, picnic, free falling, can be a great experience.

2.    Writing a love letter

Albeit this idea is ridden with clichés, if you are passionate enough and you have a way with words, writing a romantic letter for your loved one might not be such bad idea. You can proficiently jot down how you feel about him or her and highlight those moments in the continuum of your marriage or relationship which made you feel very special and fortunate. After you are done with the writing, present it to your loved one inside a beautiful chest or a bottle to conveniently deliver your message.

3.    Yell out all the way

If being public about your relationship is a thing you are not concerned at all about, then declaring your affinity for that person by yelling out is a great unconventionally romantic idea. Choose a casual venue where you will not be under the radar of official scrutiny and then declare your love for that person by singing or shouting from a vantage point where you can see him or her.

4.    A sentimental gift

It is obvious that you have gotten a good glance at your partner’s life after your marriage or after months of attachment as boyfriend and girlfriend. So if you have a good knowledge about what he or she likes or misses from time to time, you can turn that remembrance into the most beautiful piece of gift by constructing a beautiful gift our of the blue. Maybe it can be a collage of pictures about her childhood or one of the possessions from a deceased family member, the focal point is to part with an emotional gift that will evoke the feeling that you care about him or her.

5.    Reminiscing your first meeting

The thing about being in love with someone is that you always think about those special times where you first met and you accidentally touched his or her hand while having a conversation. Small things like these always have a special place in your mind. So, on your first anniversary of getting married or staying together in a relationship, going back to that time by visiting the place where you first met can be breath of fresh air and the forming of new attachments for each other which will definitely pave the way for a more solid relationship.

6.    Personalized photo gifts

It is only obvious that you two have an ample amount of pictures taken of yourself and it may also include some occasions where you both had a lot of fun outdoor with friends. To ensure that all the special photos are not kept locked away in the folder of a computer gathering more spaces, instead go for those beautiful photo gifts where you can personalize the collections in such a way that it will look extravagantly special and beautiful for the ambience of the room at the same time. Photo collages and frames scribed with lovely initials are great choices that you should definitely think about.

The first anniversary is the most special occasion for a married couple and it is also a cause of celebration for couples who have been dating steadily for a year. If you want to present your partner with a beautiful gift, regardless of the price and the concept, the gift should always come from the heart. When you part with these gifts by sharing your feelings, you will absolutely overwhelm that other person with unfathomable emotion.


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