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Quick steps to find Bing Search API for SEOPressor LSI Settings

SEOPressor LSI Settings requires Bing API Key for Search for extracting Latent Semantic Indexing keyword which are 100% best for SEO Onpage optimisation

Follow steps to Create Bing API Key for Search

1.Visit  Bing search API page
Bing Search API for SEOPressor LSI Settings
2. Now fill the form and register for Azure marketplace.


3.Go to Bing API Key checkout page, select TOS, and click on sign up

Bing Search API

4.Click on account link at the top navbar. Under Account page> Click on account keys and you will be taken to next page, containing your Bing API key.(See screenshot)

SEOPressor LSI Settings





5.Finally go to SEOPressor settings > Advanced > LSI Settings, and add the Bing API key you got from step 4 to activate the LSI feature.

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