Marlboro And Pepsi Are Great Examples of Success


The statistics of 2012 shows that consumption of popular soda pop has dropped in the USA by 1.2% and since 1987 it is its lowest indice. In recent times Michelle Obama manages in the USA a national campaign to reduce consumption of soda pop among children. Also Michael Bloomberg, the New York mayor, wants to reduce soda pop consumption by law. In the supermarkets there is a large number of soda pop varieties such as teas, energy drinks, lavored waters, which are perfect choice for those who dislike Pepsi.

Marketing experts were quite surprised to find out that Pepsi named a new chief marketing officer with no experience in this field and instead being experienced in fashion.

It makes no difference who you are — a man who drinks more soda pop than water or a man who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day — anyway in conditions of large variety of choices on the modern market you face the problem of choosing among well-reputed brands and less known ones. Brands who spent years to build their name do all their best to keep their devoted customers by inventing interesting marketing solutions. That is the explanation of why Pepsi hires a specialist who is directed to a greater digree on culture anot on selling products.

The XXth century is associated with cigarettes and soda pop because this is the time when they were created and at the beginning they were widely advertised and promoted. No one studied what effects they have on human body. Ads told that cigarettes and soda pop are good for you. Doctors in the avertisments were recommending people to smoke! Today is sounds quite unusual and strange. XXth century is spring of tobacco industry. There were introduced many innovations and made many modifications in order to satisfy changing customer needs.

Everyone of us ia an individuality and we express it by different means. Most rewadring and quick way to do it is with the help of cigarettes and soda pop. In past the advertising showed us a strong and independent cowboy who smoked Marlboro cigarettes and people wanted to have the same qualities as the cowboy did. The ads said clearly .“Buy cigarettes and smoke because it gives you power and self-confidence. We look better with cigarettes and we fell better with them.”

I past people were just fascinated by ads but today ads are prohibited because there were made enough studies about the effects of soda pop and cigarettes on human body. Today the major task of merketing department is to keep the lowering number of customers. Let us see what strategies help Marlboro and Pepsi to remain leading brands in their field in the world.

1. Merchandising.

Marlboro created clothes (hats, jackets) and acessories for their customers. Pepsi and Cola Cola provide for their customers such products as music download and online games.

2. Sponsorship

To support an important event and show your logo on it is the best advertising for big companis such as Pepsi and Marlboro. Marlboro successfully sponsors the Formula One racing while Pepsi enjoys to be together with Beyonce. To say, Coca Colas super star is Taylor Swift.

3. Philanthropy

For many years Marlboro makes great contributions to the arts. Coca Cola created a campaign of environmental protection called Arctic Home which is connected to soda pop consumption. In its turn, pepesi participated in campaign Pepsi Refresh Project.

Marlboro, Pepsi and Coca Cola are perfect examples of successfull marketing strategies which helpe them to remain leading brands on the market and keep customers for years. Each of these brands has its story to tell and life shows that this story is far from ending.


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