What do you think about early marriage vs late marriage

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    Your thoughts about early marriage vs late marriage

    what do you think about early marriage vs late marriage

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    Early marriage is advisable, but not without maturity.

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    sir James

    yes, early marriage is good but three important elements are needed. 1. Love 2. Money 3. Maturity.

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    @ sir James,do you think early marriage can really work out with those three elements?

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    sir james

    yes it can, but if only with the right motive/intentions.

    let me explain a little;

    1. God is love, God first.

    2. Money; the home needs finance to run smoothly, in the presence of God there’s joy, when there’s money, there’s happiness.

    3. maturity; this is same as understanding, tolerance, forbearing with one another, patience, caring etc.

    If all these are in place with d right commitment, successful early marriage is guaranteed. thanks.

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    You are definitely right @ sir James.

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    Early marriages based on godly maturity and emotions are encouraging, mala 2:14-15,psalms 127:3-4,lam 3:27.psalm 128:last verse paragraph b.

    It promotes church work/missionary, curbs youthful lust,promotes good parenting on advice’s,education/skills/financial empowerment and good inheritance from both parents and children.

    Youthful energy and agility is utilized in training and curbing juvenile rudeness and stubbornness.


    But vice versa, when not done on maturity, and financially independent, and especially it shouldn’t be from the groom’s parents decisions to marry for him due to a condition of only son or his mates/peers married. Often times its been referred to parents wife and causes isolation and more. N/b poorverty and mal nutrition.

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    @ Sherill are you saying it is advisable for early marriage?

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