Global warming news-The Facts about Gas Prices and Oil Profits

Global warming news-Save money if you compare business gas rates considering

The cost of energy has increased way above the rate of inflation; it is no longer sensible to stay with an existing supplier because of the perception that it is too much trouble to change. The costs are significant and your business needs to ensure its expenditure is under control. Ultimately the pricing of your products and services will be affected by rises out of line with inflation.
In terms of gas there is competition and it is certainly worth looking to see what you are paying and whether there are cheaper alternative suppliers. Recent UK winters have been fairly harsh and consumption for heating has been difficult to control.

Independent help

The fact that there is now a comparative and independent website offering to do much of the research for you is certainly good news particularly as there is no cost for doing it. It means there is no need to go to individual suppliers and gather the warming news 
Price alone is not sufficient; the phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ definitely applies. The small print can change a headline price quite dramatically but fortunately this detail is highlighted so that you can judge from a complete picture and ask further questions that arise.
The website has a panel of suppliers and it is they who pay a commission on new business rather than the customer. The panel of suppliers have previously applied to join and accept the website’s conditions.
Get the timing right
The ideal time for you to change is when an existing contract is about to end but it is important to give yourself enough time so that there will be no loss of supply. A switch over will be overseen by the website itself so there is no distraction from the day to day activities you should be handling; running the business and controlling costs
If you are in a long term contract you may want to change in midterm in which case you will need to take into account any possible costs in doing so. There will be a notice period and the norm is anything up to three months

Completely impartial

You may be thinking that the website has a vested interest in recommending one supplier over another but you would be wrong. It is firmly on the consumer’s side and actually provides a renewal reminder at the end of any contract so that the process of checking the market can be done once again.
The changeover is likely to be four to six weeks and the process begins as soon as you make a decision; it is impractical to have a long cooling off period simply because that extends the change over period effectively.
If your company uses a good deal of gas, particularly for heating the savings can be quite significant. The process is neither time consuming nor involving cost. Headline percentage savings are quite impressive with the impartial advisers able to explain the variables. You have only to pick up the telephone.
Tina is a freelance writer who lives on the South West Coast of Turkey; the small town of Dalyan, famous as a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. She writes on a series of topics ranging from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and articles to compare business gas prices rises.

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