What does 41% of working age American citizens have in common?

They are either working to pay off a medical debt or experiencing problems with medical bills. 60% of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical debt. And 75% of those people filing for bankruptcy due to medical debt have health insurance. Many organizations are providing free service to help patients understand their options.


When will the madness stop!!!

One of the benefits we are seeing come from ObamaCare is that as long as you make less than 400% of the federal poverty level ($46,021 for individuals, $93,700 for families) you could be eligible to receive subsidies and tax credits toward insurance bought on your State’s Health Insurance Exchange.

We are all wondering the same thing. How ObamaCare will benefit me?

  • Healthcare will have no annual limits
  • If you get sick insurance companies cannot drop you
  • Have a pre-existing condition? No worries, they cannot deny you
  • Preventive services are going to be a main focus
  • Women’s health services are going to see a great improvement
  • There will be a cut in wasteful spending due to healthcare reforms
  • Senior citizens will get better care by giving them access to cheaper prescriptions, free preventative care and closes the Medicare D gap

30 million more people will have insurance by the end of 2020 but how good will the insurance really be?

Sure people will have insurance, but after paying high monthly premiums will the lower income families be able to pay their portion?

And what will the uninsured gain from ObamaCare?

A provision in the ObamaCare overhaul says that hospitals CANNOT charge an uninsured individual any more than what they would bill an insurance company for the same procedures. By doing this there is the hope that there will be a decline in medical bankruptcies.

But unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be making a difference. There is not much enforcement on this provision from the government. Since the statute has passed Colorado has come up with an even stricter law then the federal law.

Problems with this law:

  • 40% of community hospitals are going to be exempt from this law because they are non-profit organizations
  • There is no clear cut ruling on who actually gets the medical bill assistance. This is left up to the hospitals and what criteria do they use?
  • The IRS still haven’t issued any rules regarding this law MORE THAN 3 YEARS AFTER ObamaCare was signed

Learn more about it. In your opinion what do you think? Is ObamaCare really going to be as great as Congress would like us to believe or are we all going to be blindsided?


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